Honda’s new Road Ready Moto-GP machine!

Honda RC213V-S


Guess who’s coming to a dealer near you? That’s right, Honda confirmed today that the RC213V-S will be available for purchase in the US starting July 13th at 3:00 PM PST. We are not sure when the actual bike will be here but if you want one of these limited production machines don’t wait too long. Each bike will have a special edition serial number and word on the street is Marc Marquez already laid claim to the 93rd bike that comes off the production line! Continue reading Honda’s new Road Ready Moto-GP machine!

5 Ugly Motorcycles Riders Hate to Love.

Some motorcycles are designed around specific aesthetic elements that make them very pleasing on the eyes. Other bikes are built for pure necessity with a no frills utilitarian look.

Kawasaki KLR 650

Until the most recent version, the KLR 650 looked like its body work was pulled from the pages of the latest tupperware catalog. As ugly as it was, the KLR managed to gain a cult like following with the budget minded adventure crowd. The KLR is a very capable machine and most riders give the bike rave reviews after they actually take one out for a spin.

Suzuki V-Strom
Boy it hurts to see this one on the list, but it’s no beauty queen and also happens to be my Primary ride. The V-Strom is the one size fits most, adjustable wrench of motorcycles. It’s comprised of equal parts Sport Bike, Sport Tour, and Adventure Bike. You can have fun just about anywhere on this bike, Gravel Roads, Cross Country Trips, Back Roads, Tracks Days, heck pretty much anywhere but a bike show.



Yamaha TW200
Who the heck designed this thing? Looks like it was an attempt at recreating the old Rokon with a modern twist. Sure the TW 200 may be hard to look at but it is one of the most versatile bike on the road today. With larger than normal tires the TW does look a little clownish but those tires helped the TW to be the first motorcycle to reach the North Pole.

KTM 990 Adventure
The 990 Adventure might look like it was yanked from the Dakar starting grid, but it’s actually a fantastic all around motorcycle. Although it’s more at home off-road than most adventure style motorcycles the 990 goes just as good on the street. Once you get past its harsh lines, the 990 is a very refined machine with a host of top shelf gadgetry.



Victory Vision
It may look like it’s strait from the set of RoboCop 27, but the Vision was actually first introduced in 2007. The Vision is loaded with all the creature comforts you could dream making it an outstanding steed to soak up the miles. Love it or Hate it the vision is definitely in a class all on it’s own.


Some Motorcycles are built to look at and the rest are built to ride.


What kind of bike do you ride?

Do you prefer Frills or Thrills?

What is your Dream Bike?





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