CA Weekly Ride SE01 EP05 – 2015 Indian Chieftain Review

The 2015 Indian Chieftain

It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Bagger

I was hesitant at first to take the 2015 Indian Chieftain out for a spin. I have ridden a few Big Baggers over the years and each time I came away with the same impression, I just rode a big heavy bagger. Hopping in the Chieftain I wasn’t expecting anything far off the status quo, but this time my takeaway impression was a little bit different. Not only did the new Chieftain Handle extremely well, it felt much lighter than I first expected.

At 815 lbs dry the Chieftain is definitely not in the light bike category. In fact before adding fuel the Chieftain weighs more than a couple of Ducati 1199 Superleggera’s. Add in the 537 lb load capacity and you have the potential to operate a motorcycle that tips the scale at 1385 lbs. Sounds a little scary right?

Indian knew standard suspension and brakes weren’t gonna cut it when you’re hauling around almost 1400 lbs. The brakes on all the Indian Chieftain Models are equipped with Anti-Lock so you can safely bring the beast to rest. To support that added weight from a passenger and cargo the Chieftain ha a single rear shock with air back up that auto senses the additional load. This will help maintain a proper ride height and without sacrificing the plush ride.


Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising. -Milton Hershey

When Polaris acquired Indian back in 2011 I was excited, but apprehensive to say the least. Indian had already been through more than one restart since it’s founding in 1901. Polaris had been producing the Victory line-up since July, 4th 1998 with great success. Each year the brand grew stronger and Polaris continued to raise the bar and redefine the America V-Twin market.

Polaris took what they learned from the creation of Victory and applied it to the latest restart of Indian. The Chieftain may be one of the most advanced touring machines on the road but the attention to detail when hiding all the technology helps retain the iconic look. The styling lines and subtle cues give the Chieftain just the right amount of nostalgia to grab the attention of the classic Indian fans. The laundry list of features and standard equipment will draw in the serious touring fans base.

Below I have listed my 5 favorite hidden features on the Chieftain

1. Electronic Windscreen
2. Electronic Cruise Control
3. Oil Life Monitoring
4. Electronic Tire Pressure Monitering
5. Hidden USB Connector/Charger in the Front Fairing

If you need a serious touring rig and you want the best the Indian Chieftain is ready to hit the highway!


Thunder Stroke® 111: The Thunder Stroke® 111 V-Twin is the powerful heart & soul, delivering 119 ft-lbs of torque, tremendous acceleration & an exhaust note from its true dual exhaust that is music to a real rider’s ears.

Abs & Cruise Control: The Indian® Chieftain® has advanced features to optimize the ride experience. With automotive-quality ABS braking, you ride with confidence that you’ll brake under control in all situations. The cruise control is easy to set & adjust so you enjoy smooth, relaxed cruising.

Push-Button Adjustable Windshield: The windshield atop the stylish, protective fairing can be raised or lowered electronically with the push of a handlebar-mounted button. A rider can lower the windshield to enjoy cooling airflow or raise it to block wind & rain.

High-Output Audio: The fairing features an integrated audio system that delivers premium-quality sound from dual high-output speakers. An audio source such as a smart phone can be connected by cable or through Bluetooth® connectivity.

Keyless Ignition: Never fumble with a key again. With the key fob in your pocket, just climb on, start it up & ride. Walk away with confidence, too. The engine will only start & run when the fob is in close proximity to the bike. Misplace the fob? Just enter your personal security code and ride on.

Unique Steering Geometry: The Indian® Chieftain® steering geometry is engineered to deliver light, responsive handing whether this faired bike is being ridden solo with no cargo, or 2-up with full saddlebags. It delivers handling more like a sport bike than a heavyweight bagger.
Hard Saddlebags: Riders’ cargo is protected in the convenient, spacious hard saddlebags that have lockable lids with weatherproof seals. The lids can be locked electronically using a console-mounted button – or the bike’s key fob.

Premium Concert Saddlebag Audio Kit: Boost the volume and audio quality of your open road playlists with a set of premium speakers in your saddlebag lids. Premium Concert Audio delivers twice the power as the Standard Concert Audio, and the saddlebag lid speaker output complements audio from the fairing speakers.

Painted Inner Fairing & Console: With a Painted Inner Fairing & Console, an Indian Chieftain looks like it just rolled out of the custom shop. They’re available in every one of our bike colors, and the original factory paint delivers a true color match along with an ideal fit.
Drive/Driven Clutch: Wet, Multi-Plate
Engine Type: Thunder Stroke® 111
Displacement: 111 cu in / 1811 cc
Bore x Stroke: 3.976 x 4.449″ (101mm x 113mm)
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Electronic Fuel Injection System: Closed loop fuel injection / 54mm bore
Final Drive: 2.2 : 1

Primary Drive: Gear Drive Wet Clutch

Peak Torque: 119.2 ft-lbs/ 138.9 N m
Peak Torque RPM: 3000 rpm/2600 rpm

Front Fork Tube Diameter: 46 mm
Gear Ratio (Overall)

1st: 9.403 : 1
2nd: 6.411 : 1
3rd: 4.763 : 1
4th: 3.796 : 1
5th: 3.243 : 1
6th: 2.789 : 1

Suspension: Front – Type/Travel: Telescopic Fork/4.7″ (119 mm)
Suspension: Rear – Type/Travel: Single Shock w/Air adjust/4.5″ (114mm)
Brakes/Front: Dual / 300mm Floating Rotor / 4 Piston Caliper
Brakes/Rear: Single / 300mm Floating Rotor / 2 Piston Caliper
Tires/Front: Dunlop® Elite 3 130/90B16 73H
Tires/Rear: Dunlop® Elite 3 Multi-Compound 180/60R16 80H
Wheels: Cast 16″ x 3.5″ Front and 16″ x 5″ Rear
Exhaust System: Split dual exhaust w/ cross-over

Wheelbase: 65.7 in / 1668 mm
Seat Height: 26.0 in / 660 mm
Rake/Trail: 25°
Overall Width (in./mm.): 39.4 in / 1000 mm
Overall Height (in./mm.): 54.6 in / 1388 mm
Ground Clearance: 5.6 in / 142 mm
Fuel Capacity (Litres): 5.5 gallons / 20.8 liters
Overall Length (in./mm.): 101.2 in / 2571 mm
Trail: 5.9 in / 150.0 mm
GVWR: 1385 lbs / 630 kgs
Weight (Empty tank / full of fuel): 815 lbs / 848 lbs (370 kg / 385 kg)

Standard Equipment: ABS; Cast Aluminum Frame with Integrated Air-Box; Cruise Control; Driving Lights; Highway Bar; Keyless Start; Power Windshield; Desert Tan Genuine Leather Seats; Remote Locking Hard Saddle Bags; Tire Pressure Monitoring; 100 Watt Stereo with AM/FM Bluetooth and Smartphone Compatible Input

Electric Gauges: Fairing mounted instrument cluster featuring electronic speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge with odometer, dual tripmeters with distance and time, instantaneous and average fuel economy; fuel range; real-time clock; ambient air temperature; gear position display; front and rear tire pressure; engine hours of operation; engine oil life percentage; average speed; battery voltage; radio information display; vehicle trouble code readout; heated grip level (if heated grips installed); and 15 LED telltale indicators: cruise control enabled, cruise control set, neutral, high beam, turn signal, ABS, check engine, low tire pressure, battery, low fuel, security system, low engine oil pressure and MPH or km/h unit designation

If you need a serious touring rig and you want the best the Indian Chieftain is ready to hit the highway!

Do you think Indian will ever unseat Harley Davidson as king of the American V-Twin’s?

Do you think Polaris retained enough of the original styling for the newest Indian restart? 

If you were in the market for a bagger what would it be? Indian or Harley?

Let us know what you think in the comments below. If you need any accessories or riding gear we have you covered, just click the link below.



Ride Safe-

CA Weekly Rides SE01 EP01 – The Introduction

We’re Back

Thank you to all our fans that have subscribed to our YouTube channel and waited patiently for new ride videos.  We apologize for the long hiatus but we are finally taking “Weekly Rides” again!  The dust took a little longer to settle than expected with our move from South Carolina to the new warehouse in Indiana.  Now that things are starting to settle down we will resume the rides series and share all the motorcycle news, tips, tricks, bikes, and gear while cruising the back-roads of the Midwest.

You may notice the voice is different, the bikes are different, and so is the scenery but I promise the passion for riding will carry on with the new series.  I will not attempt to replace anyone, but instead put my own creative spin on this channel.  I will be silly at times, but I will always strive to set a good example for our riding audience.

Just a quick introduction, my name is John and I have worked with Cheap Cycle Parts since 2007.  Cheap Cycle Parts and Competition Accessories partnered earlier this year and relocated their warehouse to southern Indiana.

I have been riding dirt bikes since 1983 and riding street bikes since 1996.  I have ridden all kinds of motorcycles including Dirt bikes, Cruisers, Sport bikes, and ATV’s and enjoy all of them equally.  I do ride all year and I ride in all weather, kinda like the U.S. mail carrier motto “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will ever keep me off my bike”.  OK, so maybe I changed it a bit, but I think you get the point.

I hope to keep everyone that subscribes to our channel informed and entertained.  The point of the whole thing is to build a community of like minded riders to share the passion of the sport we all know and love.  I want to welcome any new riders to share tips that will keep them safe.  I want to also welcome seasoned riders to share tips and tricks that they can pass along to keep our sport moving into the future.  Finally I want to thank everyone that has stuck with us during the transition and pledge to give these videos 100% every time I’m lucky enough to take a ride.

We look forward to the future and all the comments that will help shape this channel.  We are here for you and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Thank you,

John Dee

Please enjoy our first installment

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