New Dragonfire Racing Products!



Dragonfire Racing has been a staple in off-road racing for years. Around 2010, DFR expanded their operations to start serving the ever-growing population of thrill seeking, Side-x-Side riders. Due to the cost and quality of the DFR products, Dragonfire Racing is making their mark in the world of UTV enthusiasts. With custom-made products fabricated in-house by fellow enthusiasts, you can rest assured all Dragonfire Racing accessories are going to meet the “fit and function” better than anything else on the market. Continue reading New Dragonfire Racing Products!

Sign-up to stop the mandate for increased Ethanol Fuel!

This is the last chance for your voice to be heard on higher ethanol blended fuels.

Sign the petition now!

If you’ve never had an issue with ethanol fuel you’re one of the lucky ones. In the world of power-sports many of the vehicles that are not driven daily can have the same fuel sitting in the carburetor and fuel tank for weeks, if not months. Ethanol fuel can separate and the subsequent moisture issues can wreak havoc on your fuel system. Continue reading Sign-up to stop the mandate for increased Ethanol Fuel!

5 To Know Before You Go

5 Things to consider about before your first ride.


Have you ever heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”?  We’re here to answer that question for you…What do you need to know about life on two wheels before you start riding? In my opinion, you should really know everything about life on the open road; but, lets face it, that’s not realistic. Below are a few tips I’ve pulled together and should be considered before you take that maiden voyage.

1. Take a class

Motorcycle Driving School

Just like G.I. Joe always said, “Knowing is half the battle” and this statement couldn’t be more true when it comes to riding motorcycles. How to ride, what to watch for, how to avoid dangers, these are just a few things you will learn by taking a class. The riding instructors can take someone who has never been on a motorcycle and have them successfully taking off, stopping, and negotiating slow speed turns in just a few hours. Continue reading 5 To Know Before You Go