WRR74: Motorcycle Fuel Injection vs Carburetors

20140917_114934Whether you are shopping for a new or a used motorcycle these days, you will more than likely be faced with models that are either fuel injected or carbureted.  So what’s the big deal?  Motorcycles (and cars, for that matter) ran just fine with carburetors for decades – what makes fuel injection worth the premium price? Continue reading WRR74: Motorcycle Fuel Injection vs Carburetors

WRR73: Riding a Motorcycle in Extreme Cold

Mother nature seems to have a cruel sense of humor at times.  Part of riding a motorcycle means exposing yourself to the elements, and this week, that meant riding in some very, very cold conditions.  A winter blast had worked its way down all the way from Alaska, reaching us here in SC and leaving us with sub 20 degree temperatures.

Now, most sane riders would leave the bike parked in the garage, but there are a select few who soldier on regardless, sheer will and determination fueling their passion to ride no matter what.  While riding in below freezing temperatures surely gains some bragging rights, there are some very real concerns when it comes to riding in those kinds of temperatures.  Being prepared for it will make all the difference in the world as to how comfortable you stay and how far you can safely ride in those conditions.

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WRR71: Avoiding (or hitting) obstacles on a motorcycle

road-debrisSo there you are, riding along minding your own business – perhaps following the car in front of you a little too closely – when all of a sudden a 2×4, pothole, or rodent of unusual size appears out from under the car you are following.  What do you do?!  Well, since you were following too closely you really only have two options: hit it or swerve around it (very quickly). Continue reading WRR71: Avoiding (or hitting) obstacles on a motorcycle

WRR70: Motorcycle Riding and Hiking

As motorcyclists we often ride right by some beautiful areas for hiking and exploring, but many of us just ride right on by. “What would I do with all my gear?” “I don’t have hiking boots with me…” etc, etc. There are several solutions, from luggage to locks that will keep your gear safe as well as allow you to bring along an extra pair of boots and socks. Some of the prettiest areas or most interesting sights aren’t always right on the side of the road, and making the extra effort to stop and take it in can be very rewarding.

For years my friends and I went and road the curves just for the curves, zooming by just about everything – complete tunnel vision and focus on riding the perfect line with great body position. Now don’t get me wrong, we still really enjoy that, but lately we have really started appreciating what we have been riding by for years. Slowing down, stopping more often, and even taking on the occasional hike in the middle of a full day’s ride. Sure we might only do 200 miles that day instead of 3 or 400, but the experiences and the sights have all been worth it.

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