Customer Review Spotlight – Xena XX-6 Series Locks with Motion Sensor Alarm

See what our customers have to say as we spotlight product reviews.

Today’s customer review on the Xena XX-6 Series Locks with Motion Sensor Alarm.  

Display Name: Kate   CA                  Title: Awesome   Cons:  too many keys Date Submitted: July 9, 2014
Pros:  Easy to use, loud

This is a great lock. Easy to use and a great theft deterrent.

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Customer Review Spotlight – Sliders Bella Women’s Motorcycle Jeans

See what our customers have to say as we spotlight product reviews.

Today’s customer review on the Sliders Bella Jeans.  

Display Name: Sherry   LA                     Title: I like them Cons: Run big Date Submitted: June 23, 2014
Pros: Thick, fit well, good kevlar coverage

Really like the way they fit, make sure to order at least one size down from your regular size. I like the coverage of the kevlar. They are very comfy, will be hot during the summer months’s hot I got the knee protectors too and a little fiddly but I’m sure once I use them more the more I will get used to putting them and taking them out..

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Customer Review Spotlight – AeroMoto Corsa Pro Leather Motorcycle Gloves

See what our customers have to say as we spotlight product reviews.

Today’s customer review on the AeroMoto Corsa Pro Leather Motorcycle Gloves.   gloves

Display Name: Larry C.  Title: Good Cons: Not for hot weather Date Submitted: July 9, 2014
Pros: Good glove for the price

This is a well made glove and a good value for the money.  Fits well and is very comfortable.  A bit heavy for hot weather, but great for cool weather riding.   The wrist padding makes the gauntlet rather large, so it’s a bit of tight fit to wear under your jacket.  If your jacket sleeve fits tightly around your wrist, then the glove can be worn outside the jacket sleeve and all is well.  I’ve been wearing this glove for a couple of months now with no regrets.  Like other Aeromoto branded products, they seem to have the quality of a more expensive product.

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WRR59: Riding the Kawasaki ZX-10R

1The ZX-10R is arguably Kawasaki’s highest performance motorcycle. Sure, they have the ZX-14, the king of horsepower, but at close to 150lbs lighter and super advanced suspension tech, the ZX-10R reigns supreme when it comes to all around motorcycle performance.

As well it should, the ZX-10R is Kawasaki’s platform for the World Superbike series (any Tom Sykes fans out there?) While the street version that we see here may not be as refined as a world class race bike, for us mere mortals it is still really freaking good – far more motorcycle than most people have the skill to use fully (myself included).20140805_174533

Kawasaki has done a fantastic job taking a world class racing literbike, and presenting it in such a way that you could be competitive on the track, and comfortable on the street – on the same bike. This is no small feat, as the demands of the two types of riding are worlds apart. On the race track everything is high strung, taught suspension and peak power delivery in a compact package. On the street this often means you are jarred over bumps, tucked into your fetal riding position, and generally enduring the ride until you get to the twisty bits. Not so on the ZX-10R, which turned out to be one of the most comfortable literbikes I’ve thrown my leg over.3

Firstly, the cutouts for your knees against the frame and tank fit me like a glove, with no sharp edges digging in. Reach to the ground from the 32″ high seat was very comfortable, and knee bend with the feet on the pegs, even in the high position, wasn’t bad at all – that’s right, the stock rearsets can be lowered 15mm for comfort if desired. Definitely a nice touch if you have any supersport touring aspirations, just remember to raise them back up before you start carving hard again. So although this bike’s main purpose surely isn’t rider comfort, it really isn’t bad.4

So what of the performance of this machine? In a word: Incredible. The Kawasaki ZX-10R has an impressive array of corner carving tools in its arsenal. Big piston forks, a fully adjustable rear shock, and a stock, electronically variable steering damper from Ohlins. The steering damper is one trick piece of tech. Linking with the ECU, it senses acceleration, speed, and throttle position, and adjusts the amount of damping accordingly. This means that in town you have a nice light steering feel, and when you want to wick it up it gets right down to business and firms things up. Speaking of wicking it up, the 998cc power-plant delivers in spades. Kawasaki has long been known for producing powerful engines, and the ZX-10r is no exception. Power builds smoothly throughout the rev range, with a significant increase in thrust north of about the 12k rpm mark. 5The tach, and entire display for that matter, is race inspired. Everything is digital, with LED lights that go from orange, to red, to flashing as the rpms rise (and oh how quickly they rise). You can set which rpm you would like the tach to start blinking at, too – a handy substitute for the traditional shift light.

6Fire up the engine, and the ZX-10R lets you know it means business. A throaty intake burble emanates up through the fairings, and the slightest blip of the throttle snaps the engine to life – lighting up that wonderful LED tach (wow, I honestly never thought I’d say something like that!). The close ratio 6 speed transmission is mated to the engine with a very nice slipper clutch, making downshifts nice and smooth. One of the most impressive aspects of the bike mechanically is the fuel injection system. With two injectors per cylinder, the bike generally runs on just one,
then switches to two at higher throttle or rpm ranges. That’s neat, and makes gobs of power, but what really impressed me was how smooth and seamless it felt. The off-on transition is absolutely critical on a bike – since we go from braking, then back onto the throttle through almost any corner we take. Having a jerky throttle response can really upset the bike, throw of your lines, and kill your mojo. The ZX-10R fueling is superb, with a very smooth transition both on and off throttle.

Overall the ZX-10R is one impressive motorcycle. We hope you enjoyed reading this real world review – and even better, the review in the video below! Remember Weekly Rides with Reuben are uploaded every Wednesday! Check out our latest Motorcycle Gear and great deals at Competition Accessories.

WRR58: CrossFit to Ride!

For those of you who have been around our channel for a while (or have watched old episodes), you may remember WRR6: Mental Health, Physical Fitness, and Motorcycles.  In this episode we talked about what motorcycling can do for your psyche, but also the advantages of being in good shape as a motorcyclist.  It’s easy to see the need for a pro level racer to stay in shape, but what about the rest of us?  Does losing weight and being in good shape make much of a difference to the every day rider?image

Having “been there, done that” over the past year, I can say without a doubt, it makes all the difference in the world.  And not just to your riding, you’ll feel better about life in general if you take care of your body.  For some of you reading this, I’m preaching to the choir – you are the guys (and gals) who understand the importance of fitness, it’s an every day part of your life already.  To others, these words might be hitting a little close to home.  Well sit tight, I was in your shoes not very long ago…
Growing up I was like any other kid – I loved riding my bicycle, playing soccer, and being active in the great outdoors.  When you’re a kid you tend to burn a ton of calories because you are free to just run around all day.  What I lacked in my schooling though, was a good sports program.  Sure I played for fun, but I never got that fitness of foundation.  I went to a high school called Sci-Tech, we didn’t have a football team – we had a wind tunnel.  That was awesome and cool in it’s own way, but once I got out into the “real world,” got married, got a job, the weight started creeping on.  I was moderately overweight throughout my 20’s, and by the time I hit my 30’s it was really getting out of control.  I did what many people do when they try to lose weight:  super diets and intense training for a short period of time (think, P90x).  Now, diet and exercise are the keys to a healthy lifestyle, but what so many miss is the key word: lifestyle.  In other words, the diet and exercise have to become a permanent part of your every day life.  This isn’t something you can just do for 90 days, and then boom you’re in great shape for the rest of your life.  Taking that approach leads to the inevitable yo-yo cycle, and I’m speaking from experience.  I’d lose 30lbs, then gain 35, then lose 35, and gain 40!  By around this time last year, I hit my all time high of 243lbs (and no, I’m not big boned).  243 does NOT look good on me.
image (1)
 I realized I had to do something.  It was actually this YouTube comment that really spurred me on to get off my butt and figure this thing called fitness out.  So Chris, whoever you are – thank you.  Obviously I knew what state I was in, but this comment unlocked something inside of me – it was time to get to work.  Plus, my motorcycle leathers were getting way too tight and my bike wasn’t as fast!


I started by eating healthier.  No crazy super diet – I simply signed up at and started tracking my caloric intake on my phone.  Out of curiosity, I plugged in my meals from the day before I signed up and discovered I had eaten a whopping 4600 calories!  And that was just cereal for breakfast, fast food for lunch, and mexican for dinner – nothing crazy – except it was!  Totally crazy!  That’s more than double what I should have been taking in just to maintain my weight.  No wonder I was fat…
A few months later I starting looking into working out.  Remember I was a total fitness noob.  I did a free trial at a local gym chain, and realized quickly that just wasn’t going to cut it.  I’ve had those before – I always just find some excuse and eventually quit going.  Some people can pop in headphones and tear it up at the local gym, more power to you – that just wasn’t me.  Then I tried a smaller operation called Fitness Together.  These were either one on one training with a personal trainer or a very small group class of 3-4 people and a coach.  This was more like it – I paid for 1 month and started seeing some results, but it was crazy expensive – I just couldn’t afford to keep going there.  Then I discovered CrossFit.

You may have seen CrossFit on TV recently, as they just had the CrossFit games again.  They call it the sport of fitness – basically adding a competitive element to exercise.  So I went and checked out CrossFit gym (called a Box in CrossFit speak), and after that very first intro class I was hooked – I knew I had found my home.  Now before you get all amped up – CrossFit isn’t for everyone.  For some reason, it actually has a lot of negative press regarding injuries, being a cult, having stupid exercises – you name it.  All I can tell you is my own personal experiences over the past year, and what it has done for my life and my riding.  unnamed (1)Not just motorcycles, either.  I’m back out hitting the trails on my mountain bike feeling stronger than ever – plus this is just a great way to train similar muscles and riding techniques used for motorcycling.

CrossFit has completely transformed my life, and continues to challenge me every single day.  Our box has excellent coaching staff that emphasizes proper form, as you’ll see in the video below.  Not only that, the excercises are always varied and intense.  Some days it’s high cardio, some days it’s focused more on strength training, usually, it’s a pretty good mix of the two.  I’m stronger and faster than I’ve ever been – and I still have a long, long way to go.  After one year I still consider myself somewhat of a CrossFit beginner, but I continue making progress and setting new personal records regularly.
Maybe if I hadn’t been so fat I wouldn’t have sunk so deep?
unnamed (2)
Getting in shape has done wonders for me both physically and mentally.  And riding is quite honestly better.  Setting up proper body positioning for corners is easier, riding off road is significantly better, and I’m just not as worn out after a long day on the bike.  CrossFit requires a strong core, and on a sportbike, a strong core means less weight on your wrists – which means you can comfortably ride longer distances.  My motorcycle gear fits better, in fact some of my motorcycle jackets probably need to be replaced because XL is just too big for me now.  Even my cheeks are less squished in my motorcycle helmet.  It’s a big difference, and I encourage you to make a commitment to change your lifestyle if this is hitting home.  Little bits over time add up to a big achievement.  I still have a long way to go physically – but the real transformation has been in my mind.  i actually look forward to going in and working out every day.  I am a lot more conscious of what food I put in my body.  And the rewards are great – both on and off the bike.

unnamed (3)

Remember Weekly Rides with Reuben are uploaded every Wednesday!