The Icon Squad 3 Backpack Review

Available in two Mil-Spec colors (orange & yellow) plus the stealthy looking black, the new Icon Squad 3 Backpacks are made to carry your gear in style and comfort.

With a unique vest styled front chest that has dual straps for closure, it fits snug and distributes weight evenly while riding. Constructed of a tough rip-stop nylon and custom TPU hardware, this Icon bag are durable enough to take anywhere. There’s an external strap so you can carry a helmet or jacket, a removable ID holder, several pockets for all your stuff, a media port for your headphones, exterior tie down straps and reflective material around the entire bag. And if you’re thinking about protection, there’s a pocket for a back pad if you’d like to add that too. So check out all the pics and let us know what you think of this cool new Icon Backpack or if you want to look at something comparable, we recommend the Fly Racing Illuminator Backpack or the Cycle Case Helmet Backpack, both of which are available in the high-viz yellow.

Tourmaster Cruiser II Saddlebag Review

Constructed of a unique synthetic material that looks and feels like leather, Tourmaster Cruiser II Saddlebags are a great option for your next motorcycle trip.


Practically maintenance free, these motorcycle saddlebags resist stains, rust and mildew, while being extremely durable. With the look of high quality leather, you can get cool bags at an affordable price. The Tourmaster Cruiser II Saddlebags have a universal mounting system that incorporates a zipper removal system so they are not only easy to mount, but easy to take off when you get to your destination.



Offering large box style lids, that have quick release buckles hidden behind traditional looking silver buckles, these bags are not only available in three sizes, they are available in two styles. If you like a little bling on your bags then the Tourmaster Cruiser II Saddlebags with Rivets is the choice for you. With subtle detailing, they will stand out just enough on your bike. And to protect your bike, the saddle bags also have a neoprene layer on the inner sides to keep them from scratching your paint or chrome.


So depending on the size and style you like, these or any of the other luggage motorcycle pieces offered by Tourmaster are sure to fit the bill. Be prepared for your next motorcycle adventure by picking up some luggage today.

For Travel Storage – Tourmaster Cruiser III Saddlebags & Tool Bag

Touring, traveling, bike trips, motorcycle adventures….however you classify it, when you ride you need storage and need to be prepared. The Tourmaster Nylon Cruiser III Saddlebags & The Tourmaster Cruiser III Tool Bag can give you the space you need for all your motorcycle gear, including tools.

cruiser-III-boxAvailable in box or slant style, these motorcycle saddlebags are both made to withstand the trips you take it on. Constructed of a heavy duty, 840 denier & 1000 denier nylon, that is weather resistant, you can rest assured your motorcycle gear will be secure. With a easy mounting yoke that is adjustable and can be permanently mounted, if you prefer, they will fit under the seats of most bikes. They also have a simple zipper removable system, so that you can take the bags off quickly when you get to your destination, without having to completely detach the entire mounting system. The zippers are lockable also, so if you leave your bags on your bike, they’ll be safe.

cruiser-III-slantA removable neoprene layer protects your motorcycle from damage, reflective piping gives you extra visibility, internal supports help them keep their shape and they come with a rain cover just in case you encounter bad weather. The Tourmaster Nylon Cruiser III Box Saddlebags come in three sizes with a range of 5″ of width difference and are the classic squared off style. With slightly different dimensions, due to the slanted design, the Tourmaster Nylon Cruiser III Slant Saddlebags are also available in three sizes, so you can pick which suits your bikes personality best.



Now that you have a place for your clothes and essentials, it’s time to pack your tools for your trips. Constructed of the same tough nylon, with a hinged lid for easy access and a simple mounting system with four straps, the Tourmaster Cruiser III Tool Bag is the next logical choice. Strapped to your front forks, this durable bag will be out of the way and will help you be prepared, just in case you have a roadside emergency.

Road trips are a great time, especially if you have enough space to pack your motorcycle gear and still have room to pick up a few souvenirs along the way. And being prepared for a breakdown is always a plus, even though we hope you don’t need to use your tools! Tourmaster has a full line of motorcycle luggage, so check it all out on our site to see what best suits your bike.


From a Roll Bag to the King Tourer, Nelson Rigg Luggage Has You Covered

Some people love to take long trips on there motorcycles and I’m one of those people. I need better luggage and this line of Nelson Rigg Luggage pretty much covers the gamut of all sizes and shapes, so I’m sure we can all find what we need for our next adventure.

ctb-250-rollLets work through these pieces by size and storage capacity, as that seems to be one of the biggest factors when deciding on what motorcycle luggage you need. First on the list is the Nelson Rigg RiggPaks CTB-250 Deluxe Roll Bag which measures 9″ in diameter by 13″ long and is expandable by 5″ in length for more storage. It holds 17.26 liters or expands to hold 26.55 liters so it offers a good amount of space in a smaller sized bag.  There are additional side pockets, reflective material for visibility and a carrying strap for when it’s not on the bike. Easy to mount on your seat or a luggage rack, this roll bag also is compatible and simple to attach to the Solo Tourer or the Dayrunner Bag.



For a bag  that is more like a traditional luggage piece, check out the Nelson Rigg RiggPaks CTB-455 Dayrider Touring Luggage. With an large, easy to load, zippered compartment, a office organizer pocket and two outer pockets you can use this bag for daily commuting or a bike trip. Also expandable by 3″ in width, the original dimensions are 12.5″ long by 6.5″ wide by 18″ tall, holding 23.97 or 35.03 liters of essentials. A bonus feature on this and a few of the other bags are the detachable backpack straps which make it easy to haul it around when you get to your destination.



Stepping up to the Nelson Rigg RiggPaks CTB-650 Solo Tourer will give you a few more inches of storage. Coming in at 14″ long by 7″ wide (expanding to 11″ wide) by 18″ tall, with either 28.91 or 45.43 liters of space, you should definitely be able to get in a good weekend away with this travel piece. With external buckles to attach the CTB-250 Roll Bag, you can even extend your trip for a few days. A security loop underneath allows you to attach a cable lock and the Full Nelson mounting system makes it easy to attach the Solo Tourer to your bike.




Although not expandable, holding 33.63 liters and with a main compartment that measures 12″ long by 9″ wide by 19″ tall, the Nelson Rigg RiggPaks CTB-350 Dayrunner Touring Luggage can certainly get the job done. Four outer pockets give you bonus space and this bag comes with a waterproof cover as well as a security lock. Plus it is also compatible with the CTB-250 Roll Bag, so you can customize the amount of space you need.




If you prefer more of a duffel styled bag that still is large enough for a long trip then the Nelson Rigg GWR-1000 Rear Rack Pak Luggage is perfect for you. The semi-rigid construction of the ballistic poly helps it hold its shape and is durable enough to take a beating. Several extra pockets give you plenty of space and metal D-rings allow you to tie additional items to this motorcycle luggage piece.




And now for the big dog of this line of luggage! Measuring in at 14″ long by 8″ wide (expandable to 10″ wide) by 18″ tall, holding 33.04 or 41.30 liters of your favorite motorcycle gear, the Nelson Rigg RiggPaks CTB-950 King Tourer is great for those true long adventures. But that’s not all, the King Tourer comes with a the Roll Bag, which gives you up to an additional 26.55 liters of traveling space! They can be used together or separately on your bike, so you get a 3-in-1 deal with this choice. Both are easy to mount and simple to tote around when you get to your destination, so you should be all set for those week, or two, or three, long motorcycle trips!




As you can see there’s a wide variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from in this Nelson Rigg Luggage line. A few things that all these bags have in common is that they are all made of a top quality, UV-Treated, Tri-Max ballistic nylon which makes them durable for all travels. They all attach to your bike using their unique “Full Nelson” mounting system and have lined interiors, with reinforced walls, to help keep their shape. Heavy duty zippers with pull fobs, a rubberized easy grip handle, extra pockets and a “No Hassle” warranty top off the great features in all these bags. Some come with a rain cover but if the one you choose doesn’t, a universal Nelson Rigg CTB Luggage Rain Cover should do the trick.

Go to our website to get the full details of each bag and to see what else we might have for your motorcycle gear needs. If you have any questions, just let us know. We’d love to help you prepare for your next epic motorcycle adventure.


Nelson Rigg Expandable Tail Bags, For the Extra Storage You Need

Whether you’re going on a bike trip or just doing your daily commute, a tough expandable tail bag is a great way to get some additional storage space on your bike. Nelson Rigg has a wide variety of luggage with some new pieces in their line up. Here are a few tail bags I’d like to introduce you to.

CL1060Lets start with the basics…all three of these bags are easy to mount to the back of your bike with their self adjusting hooks that attach to the bag while soft ties connect to the bike. They’re all constructed of a heavy duty Tri-Max ballistic nylon and have a material on the bottom to prevent the bag from slipping or marking up your paint or chrome. And for added visibility at night, they all have reflective piping to keep you safe. The Nelson Rigg CL-1060 Sport Seat Tail Bag is the smallest of the three, measuring 12.5″ long by 10.5″ wide by 4″ tall and expanding 3″ in height to accommodate more motorcycle gear if needed. This bag also has a mesh pocket and organizer section on the inside of the lid to keep your stuff in it’s proper place.


Now if you need a little more room you should try the Nelson Rigg CL-1070 Touring Tail Bag. It is 10.5″ long by 9.5″ wide by 10″ tall, expanding to 14″ tall, holding 22.89 liters total, which gives you enough space to fit a full face helmet inside. There are also large side pickets to stash extra stuff and it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry it around when you get to your destination.



But if you are going on a trip and need more space than either of those motorcycle tail bags can give you, you’re going to need to go with the Nelson Rigg CL-1040 Jumbo Tail Bag. Before you even expand it, this tail bag holds more than either of the other bags, so when you do zip open the expandable area and add those extra 3″ of space you can store up to 38.78 liters of riding gear. Plus it has all the great features that the smaller bags do and comes with a bonus side charging port for cable access.

So if traveling on your bike is on your list of things to do soon or you are lucky enough to get to commute daily on your motorcycle, be prepared with one of these awesome expandable tail bags. If you need to add a tank bag, saddlebags or other luggage, then check out all the great Nelson Rigg Gear available on our website.