Customer Review Spotlight – Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Jackets

See what our customers have to say as we spotlight product reviews.

Today’s customer review on the Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Jackets

Display Name: foothills
Cons: None
Date Submitted: July 18th, 2014
Pros:  Versatile for various weather conds, Comfortable, well made
Fantastic jacket. I have the high viz yellow. Have used it from 37 degrees with all three layers and up to 98 degrees with just the mesh. When it’s time to clean the mesh jacket, just take out the back protector and throw it in the machine.

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Customer Review Spotlight – Shadow Cool Ride Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

See what our customers have to say as we spotlight product reviews.

Today’s customer review on the Shadow Cool Ride Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Display Name: Big Al   TX
Good Value
Cons: Main zipper zips from the wrong side from what US jackets normally zip.
Date Submitted: September 1st, 2014
Pros:  Light weight, breathable and comfortable to wear

I removed all of the protective padding. Found that they especially the one on your back made the jacket stiff and hotter than without them installed. Will put them back in when it gets cooler which won’t be until Feb here in Texas and see if makes any difference. Otherwise, I love this well made jacket and you can’t beat the price. I’d buy another if I needed two of them.

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WRR46: Ride Like You’re Invisible

I received a sobering reminder of the dangers we face every time we ride last week.  One of my good friends and riding buddies left work around the same time as me on Friday afternoon, both on our motorcycles.  I got the call around 10pm that he never made it home, and was currently in surgery at the main trauma center for Charlotte.  That’s all anyone knew, and let me tell you, your heart just sinks when you hear that about your friend.  Granted, if you’ve been around the motorcycle community for any length of time, you’ve likely heard this same scenario played out many times.  A car pulled out, they didn’t see the bike, and lives are changed.  I’m not saying that I’m not sympathetic to everyone who goes through this, but it certainly hits especially close to home when it’s a good friend.

So let’s talk about what we can do to prevent this.

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Leather vs Textile Motorcycle Jackets


What type of jacket should I buy: leather or textile?  That’s a question we get asked a lot here at Competition Accessories, so we decided to make a little video to help explain the differences, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of leather motorcycle jackets and textile motorcycle jackets.  We even through in a perforated leather jacket and a mesh motorcycle jacket for good measure, so we have all the seasons covered. The easy answer, if you have plenty of money to spend, is buy a different jacket for each mood, bike, road (or track), and weather condition that you plan on riding.  While that may sound crazy to some people, many motorcyclists who have a long history of riding have built up exactly that type of gear collection (you know who you are).  I’m right there with you, guilty as charged.  And that is because all motorcycle gear is a compromise of one type or another.  Where you might be giving up some protection in extreme situations you might be gaining all day comfort, so no one piece of gear is perfect for all roads and all riders–at least that gear hasn’t been invented yet. Continue reading Leather vs Textile Motorcycle Jackets

3/4 Length Motorcycle Jackets Buyers Guide


Who should consider 3/4 length jackets? What advantages do they have over standard length jackets, and which one is best? In this video we will help you narrow down your next jacket purchase.