The Icon Squad 3 Backpack Review

Available in two Mil-Spec colors (orange & yellow) plus the stealthy looking black, the new Icon Squad 3 Backpacks are made to carry your gear in style and comfort.

With a unique vest styled front chest that has dual straps for closure, it fits snug and distributes weight evenly while riding. Constructed of a tough rip-stop nylon and custom TPU hardware, this Icon bag are durable enough to take anywhere. There’s an external strap so you can carry a helmet or jacket, a removable ID holder, several pockets for all your stuff, a media port for your headphones, exterior tie down straps and reflective material around the entire bag. And if you’re thinking about protection, there’s a pocket for a back pad if you’d like to add that too. So check out all the pics and let us know what you think of this cool new Icon Backpack or if you want to look at something comparable, we recommend the Fly Racing Illuminator Backpack or the Cycle Case Helmet Backpack, both of which are available in the high-viz yellow.

Nelson Rigg Expandable Tail Bags, For the Extra Storage You Need

Whether you’re going on a bike trip or just doing your daily commute, a tough expandable tail bag is a great way to get some additional storage space on your bike. Nelson Rigg has a wide variety of luggage with some new pieces in their line up. Here are a few tail bags I’d like to introduce you to.

CL1060Lets start with the basics…all three of these bags are easy to mount to the back of your bike with their self adjusting hooks that attach to the bag while soft ties connect to the bike. They’re all constructed of a heavy duty Tri-Max ballistic nylon and have a material on the bottom to prevent the bag from slipping or marking up your paint or chrome. And for added visibility at night, they all have reflective piping to keep you safe. The Nelson Rigg CL-1060 Sport Seat Tail Bag is the smallest of the three, measuring 12.5″ long by 10.5″ wide by 4″ tall and expanding 3″ in height to accommodate more motorcycle gear if needed. This bag also has a mesh pocket and organizer section on the inside of the lid to keep your stuff in it’s proper place.


Now if you need a little more room you should try the Nelson Rigg CL-1070 Touring Tail Bag. It is 10.5″ long by 9.5″ wide by 10″ tall, expanding to 14″ tall, holding 22.89 liters total, which gives you enough space to fit a full face helmet inside. There are also large side pickets to stash extra stuff and it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry it around when you get to your destination.



But if you are going on a trip and need more space than either of those motorcycle tail bags can give you, you’re going to need to go with the Nelson Rigg CL-1040 Jumbo Tail Bag. Before you even expand it, this tail bag holds more than either of the other bags, so when you do zip open the expandable area and add those extra 3″ of space you can store up to 38.78 liters of riding gear. Plus it has all the great features that the smaller bags do and comes with a bonus side charging port for cable access.

So if traveling on your bike is on your list of things to do soon or you are lucky enough to get to commute daily on your motorcycle, be prepared with one of these awesome expandable tail bags. If you need to add a tank bag, saddlebags or other luggage, then check out all the great Nelson Rigg Gear available on our website.

Nelson Rigg Sport Bike Tank Bags

Tank bags are great for getting some extra storage on your bike, whether you need it for daily commutes or for that long distance adventure you’re heading out on. Nelson Rigg Tank Bags come in a variety of sizes with great features and should fit whatever you need to take with you on your motorcycle.

All these bags are constructed of a Tri-Max Ballistic Nylon, which is durable and will easily maintain it’s shape. They’re all available in your choice of a strap mounting system or a magnetic version, with optional suction cup and hook mount kits. With reflective piping for visibility and a protective material along the bottom, they will not slip off your tank. A map pocket has been integrated on top for your directions, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap so these Nelson Rigg Tank Bags are easy to carry around when you get to your destination.

CL1010-blogNow let’s take a look at a few specific models…we’ll start with a smaller size and work our way up. If you just need something that’s low profile to carry a few essentials, then the Nelson Rigg CL-1010 Mini Sport Tank Bags is a perfect size. Measuring 10″ long by 7″ wide by 3″ tall, holding 3.5 liters, you’ll have the space you need without having a big bulky bag on top of your bike. CL1025-blog

A mid-sized bag may be more what you’re searching for and the Nelson Rigg CL-1025 Sport Tank Bags is a great size for those days when you need to take just a little more motorcycle gear with you. Able to hold 10.62 liters, it measures 12″ long by 9″ wide by 6″ tall. In addition to the features listed, it sports a durable handle and an organizer inside to keep some of your stuff in it’s place.

The Nelson Rigg Adventure Touring Tank Bags have a very unique feature that the other three bags don’t and that is a clear pouch, located under the map pocket, that holds your GPS unit or your Smart Phone.  It also has a contoured shape so it will fit perfectly against your tank whether you ride an adventure model or a sport bike. Being expandable it can hold either 14.6 liters or 21.09 liters of riding gear. Measuring 11″ long by 9″ wide by 9″ tall or 13″ tall (when expanded) you get a little more room and the option to create more storage if the need arises.  And it comes in not only Black but the Hi-Viz Yellow that so many people love.









Of course if you’re headed out on a road trip for a few days you might need even more storage space and the Nelson Rigg CL-1035 Touring Tank Bags will give you what you need. CL1035-blogExpandable, it can hold a bunch of essentials or can accommodate a full face helmet, if you want to stash it there. Bonus features in this motorcycle luggage piece are a side charging port with cable access and the adaptability to convert to a backpack. It measures 15″ long by 10″ wide by 7″ tall or when expanded the height is 11″. Compact it will hold 17.21 liters or 27.04 liters when you open it all up. So as you can see this bag has a lot of great features to give you the space you need.CL-1035-with-helmet-trimmed

So whether you are needing some daily riding space or more room for your next bike trip these tank bags should have the size you need. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out all the great Nelson Rigg Luggage on our site. Feel free to ask us questions about any of the styles by leaving us a comment, we’d love to help you choose the right luggage for your motorcycle gear.



Motorcycle Adventure Dry Bags by Nelson Rigg

Whether you’re taking an adventure on some type of motorcycle or on an ATV or by boat, the Nelson Rigg Adventure Dry Bags are versatile enough for any travel where you may encounter wet conditions.

adventure-dry-bags-blogI’ve traveled with compression bags on my bike and it’s great to know that if you get caught in the rain you’ll have a dry set of clothes when you finally get out of the rain. Completely waterproof due to the electronically heat welded seams and durable Tarpaulin PVC material, you will have peace of mind when the skies open up. The compression straps make it easy to squeeze any extra air out of the bags and the air tight roll closure ensures that no water enters after they are strapped down.




Depending on what type of travel you are doing and how much motorcycle gear you need to take with you, there are two styles to choose from. The Nelson Rigg Adventure Dry Saddle Bags are easy to mount to each side of your bike with the heavy duty top straps, quick release buckles & strong D-rings and they hold 27.53 liters per bag. If you need more or less storage space for your gear, then check out the two sizes of the Nelson Rigg Adventure Dry Bags, which hold 39.33 liters (medium) or 71.59 liters (large). This bag, which quickly mounts along or across the back seat or fender of your bike, also includes a detachable shoulder strap so you can tote it around when you get to your destination.




So whether you need a bag that will endure any adventure or you’re specifically looking for waterproof bags, the Nelson Rigg Adventure Dry Saddlebags are worth a look. If you are unsure or have questions, let us know, we’d be happy to help.

Joe Rocket Manta XL Tank Bag : Protect and Store your Goodies

Joe Rocket Manta XL Black Tank Bag

Joe Rocket Manta XL Tank Bags are universal and will fit most bike applications.  Unless,  of course your bike’s gas tank isn’t metal.  The Manta XL secures to your bike’s gas tank with its magnetic mount system.  This tankbag from Joe Rocket is 14″L X 10″W X 7.5″H,  which is just enough room to protect and carry your essentials.  This is not a big bulky touring bag,  it is a small and compact piece of luggage.  There is also a pocket for your cell phone and a hidden rain cover in case your path meets the unfortunate wet weather.  What is great about the Joe Rocket Manta XL bag is that it also has a removable shoulder strap for easy transport.  These are nice looking tank bags and are very secure– it’s not going anywhere even at high speeds.  These are strong magnets and I recommend you giving your tank a quick wipe down before you throw the bag on it to avoid scratches.  Overall,  a nice durable bag that is great for for storing your essentials (wallet,  MP3,  GPS,  cigarettes,  snacks,  water guns,  cameras etc.)–  sorry the 12 packer won’t fit.  Protect and store your goodies with the Joe Rocket Manta XL TankBag.  For a smaller tank bag,  take a look at the Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag.  If you have any questions about this product,  or any other motorcycle accessory,  leave us a comment.  We are here to help make your shopping days easy and provide you with whatever motorcycle knowledge you desire.