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The Sidi Stivali Way Mega Rain Boots are a great choice for a quality touring boot for those with wider feet.  The Stivali Way Mega Rain are built with an EE width (Mega designates a wide boot in Sidi’s lineup), as well as more room throughout the arch area.  The Stivali Way Mega Rain, as the name suggests, are a waterproof boot, perfect for touring or commuting through any weather.  The Stivali Way Mega Rain is a mid-height boot with Lorica construction, and subtle styling that could be worn around the office.  The non-slip sole is comfortable to walk in, while the padded shin plate protects the front of your leg from impact.  Sidi makes very high quality boots, and the Stivali Way Mega Rain is no exception.  If you are in need of a new set of boots that will serve you well for years, these are a great choice!

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