WRR56: Riding the BMW S1000R

20140705_094449I have thrown my leg over a bike or two, be it cruisers, dual sports, dirt bikes, or supersports.  I love all types of bikes, but every once in a while I hop on one and instantly feel at home.  The bike just fits.  Instant confidence is not something that usually happens on any motorcycle.  There’s always some amount of time devoted to getting to know each other – but with the BMW S1000R, we can skip straight to the wedding.  Yes, I love this bike that much.

This weekly ride is brought to you courtesy of my good friend John.  John showed up to our Cinco de Mayo party, walked around back and said “hey, you might want to come out front and see this.”  I knew it was going to be good – and it was.  A bright red, brand new BMW S1000R.  At the time it was actually the very first one I had seen in person.  Of course I had heard all the hype around the new mostly naked BMW sport bike, but wow – in person this bike really does live up to it all.  We agreed that after the first break in service was done we would chisel out some time to go for a ride. photo 20140705_133759.jpg
That ride came on the Fourth of July weekend, when we both finally had a little gap in our crazy work schedules.  We met up at Cars and Coffee in Charlotte, checked out some cool cars, then after a short while hit the road towards the mountains.  We made it all the way up to a nice scenic overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway and John handed me the keys and said “have fun.”   You don’t have to tell me twice!
Where to begin… the first thing you notice when getting on the S1000R is the light weight when you lift it off the side stand.  This bike is a feather compared to my ZRX, weighing under 460 pounds (my ZRX is about 515).  Mate that light weight body to a powerhouse engine pumping out 160hp and 83 ft-lbs of torque, mix in dynamic stability control and an electronic quick-shifter and you have a recipe for awesomesauce.
 photo IMG_20140705_162348.jpgThe BMW S1000R has wheelie control, traction control, ABS, electronically adjustable suspension, a steering damper, etc etc.. the list goes on.  It’s a complicated bike – if you pay attention to all those switches on the grips and the display.  As geeked out as I was about all those gizmos, this bike is just a fantastic RIDING machine.
Never have I felt so at home and confident when first hopping on a bike.  It’s just a great, great machine.  Powerful, precise – and dare I say, as close to the perfect sport-street bike as I have ever ridden.  Does that sound like a bit much?  Well, watch the video below and you can decide for yourself!
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