WRR43: Riding the Honda Grom!

My first thought upon seeing the new Honda Grom was, “where do I stick the quarter so I can ride this thing?”  For a little over $3k, you are getting a fun little motorcycle that is sure to put a smile on your face, and anyone elses who is lucky enough to ride one or sees you coming.  It really is a funny little machine: 125cc air cooled single, 4 speed manual transmission (yay!), and little 12 inch wheels, a short wheelbase, and a weight of just 225lbs make this bike ridiculously fun to ride.


On one hand, it’s a toy.  With huge aftermarket support you can customize your Grom to your heart’s content (or as long as your wallet can take it).  It could be like riding a super pimped out pit bike – big fun, lots of looks, and a big grin on your face the whole time.
On the other hand, this is a proper motorcycle that can be used for commuting, exploring, weekend rides, and – if you have some like minded buddies, maybe even some parking lot racing and stunting!  Now, don’t expect to hop on and put in 500 miles a day without some (serious) butt pain.  That seat is incredibly hard, and the top speed is somewhere around the 60-65mph range (provided it’s not too hilly or windy).  What that makes you do though is enjoy routes you might not otherwise take, and see things at a slower pace then you might do on a bigger bike.  Oh yeah, and you get to do all this while enjoying over 100mpg.


Cheap to buy, cheap to ride, cheap to mod, and a blast to ride.  What’s not to like?  After spending a bit riding around on the Honda Grom, I know I’d love to have one in my garage!


Already have a Honda Grom? Check out Accessories for the Honda Grom here.

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