WRR42: Riding the Suzuki GW250

20140321_133714The Suzuki GW250 is an interesting new entry in the small bike market. While there are several options out there in the US for small displacement sportikes, cruisers, and dual sports, there haven’t been too many small bore standards as of late. The Suzuki GW250 fills that gap the market at a retail price of $3,999.

Having recently ridden the Ninja 300 and the CBR 250, I was curious as to how the GW250 would compare. The GW250 uses a liquid cooled 248cc parallel twin, which power wise puts it right between the Kawasaki and the Honda. The GW250 handled highway duty with ease, where the Honda struggled a bit. The Suzuki’s upright seating position and wide handlebar make slow speed maneuvers a piece of cake – if you are picking your first bike after graduating from the MSF course, you’ll feel right at home on the GW250. The upright seating position also means the bike is nice and comfortable, perfect for commuting and weekend exploring.


The only real miss on this bike is the weight. Curb weight comes in at 403 lbs, nearly 50 pounds heavier than the Honda CBR250 (the GSXR-600 is only 412 pounds, by comparison!). While the GW250 tips the scales a little more than we would like for a small displacement, beginner friendly bike, the weight seems to be carried fairly low, and the 30.7 inch seat height makes it manageable even for shorter riders.

Overall the Suzuki GW250 is perfect for the rider who is either wanting a small bike to learn on, or the experienced rider who wants a small displacement bike for commuting and running errands. While it doesn’t have the super sporty feel of a sport bike, it’s still a fairly fun bike to take through the corners, too. Ride along with us every Wednesday by subscribing to our YouTube channel, see you on the road next week!






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