WRR35: Riding the Honda Shadow 750 Aero

The Honda Shadow 750 is a relatively small cruiser by today’s standards, but is fully capable of everything from back road cruising to cross country touring.  Current models feature fuel injection and shaft drive, which makes owning a Honda Shadow hassle free – just hop on and ride.

The Shadow 750 is available in several models, with the Aero being the most classically styled, with full coverage fenders and classic lines.  Weighing in at well under 600lbs, the Shadow 750 is quite a bit lighter than other, larger cruisers.  So if you are looking for a bike that’s just easy to own and ride, the Shadow 750 is a great choice.  Another great aspect of this bike is the price of admission.  Brand new they retail for just over $8k, and used bikes can be had for very attractive prices.

Come along for the ride in this week’s Weekly Rides with Reuben!  Use the button below to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Don’t forget we have some of the best deals going on motorcycle gear, motorcycle tires, and cruiser accessories!


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