WRR32: Snowpocalypse 2014!

SnOMG!  People of the South – FREAK OUT!  There’s WHITE STUFF EVERYWHERE!!!  Yeah, that was pretty much the reaction the Southern part of the country had when much of our typically warm states were blanketed in white and ice.  People rushed to the store for supplies, schools shut down, and mayhem ensued on the streets.  So what did I do?  Well, I have a mission to fulfill!  Weekly Rides with Reuben MUST go on!

So this morning, at a crisp air temp of 19 degrees, I dragged my unwilling 1984 Honda XL350R out of the garage and started to kick…. and kick… and kick.  This bike does NOT like the cold weather any more than I do.  You have to get the choke position JUST right, get the engine right at that perfect spot just before TDC, and the stars must align at the same instant you engage the kickstarter with one swift kick – and then it might think about starting.  I repeated this process oh, about 100 times before it started to sputter and finally came to life.  It’s always been this way.  I’ve messed with the carbs to no avail.  When it’s cold, it just wants to stay inside.  Not today my friend, not today.  We have a mission to complete.  I almost resorted to our XR50, which would have undoubtedly been very comical, but it’s almost as cold natured as the XL, and God knows I wouldn’t have made it 10 feet on the ZRX.

Let me just go ahead and say right now, I don’t know how you guys who live up North deal with this weather for months on end.  This winter has been unusually cold as it is, which combined with some mechanical issues has kept me off my bikes more than usual–and I’m going nuts.  Winterize my bike and park it for 4 months?  No thanks!  So even though these may not be ideal riding conditions, I’m still very glad it’s really only a temporary situation down here.  We’ll be back up in the 60’s this weekend.  Having said that, seeing all this snow is a real novelty for us, and it’s going to be cold, we might as well have something different to look at.  Riding around in it was actually pretty fun, too – although the roads that were a solid sheet of ice were a bit dicey.


Did you see the images of what happened in Atlanta and several other major metropolitan areas?  They ended up with more snow than anticipated and it came sooner then they thought – which lead to utter chaos as people tried to get home, and parents tried to pick up their kids.  Keep in mind that these cities in the South just aren’t prepared for this kind of weather, but obviously some poor planning occurred here, kids should have been home when the snow started.  Kids ended up spending the night at school with their teachers!  All I can say, is I am glad to have a dual sport, because even if the roads looked like the picture above, I know I could get through to get my kids (and I would!)

Weekly Rides with Reuben will continue to go on, no matter what nature decides to throw our way!  Subscribe using the button below.  ‘Till next week!

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