WRR31: Riding the Kawasaki Ninja 300

2013-kawasaki-ninja-300-02I have been really looking forward to this one.  My first street bike was a Ninja 250, a great little bike that has helped countless riders learn the ropes thanks to a low cost of admission, light & easy handling, and a beginner friendly motor.  Despite numerous claims online of people saying “you’ll outgrow that bike so fast” or, “you’ll be bored quickly” I ended up putting about 30k miles on my little 250.  I loved that little bike.  By the time I was done with it, I had exhaust, pod filters, dynojet re-jetting, re-worked forks and an old zx-6 rear shock.  The bike handled like it was on rails, and was the definition of the word flickable.

So  it was with much excitement that I showed up to ride the brand new Ninja 300.  Not because I was prepared to be wowed by massive power, or because it has the latest high-tech whiz-bang suspension (it doesn’t), but because I wanted to see what Kawasaki had FINALLY brought to the table in an all new, small displacement sportbike.  The 2001 model I had was mechanically identical to the model launched in 1988.  In 2008 Kawasaki had given the bike a major facelift, but underneath the new plastics remained that 1988 technology.  With the Ninja 300, we finally get fuel injection, the availability of ABS brakes, and of course, a slightly larger motor that yields a significant 10 greater horsepower – that’s a big number for a small bike like this.

Check out the ride video below.  And below that, just for fun, a REALLY old video of me goofing off on my old Ninja 250 – I’ve been stuffing cameras in my helmet for a long time ;)



Ninja 250 on Home Made “Track”

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