WRR30: Riding the Honda CB500X

The Honda CB500X features the same 471cc parallel twin found in the CBR500R and the CB500F, and comes dressed in adventure bike clothing.  With a slightly taller stance, more suspension travel, and the Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires that come standard, the CB500X more than hints at its adventurous side.  How adventurous can you get?  Well, that is completely up to you, the rider.  There are, after all, people who have gone around the world on Ninja 250’s (hint: it usually isn’t the motorcycle that is the limiting factor).  Having said that, the underslung exhaust and 17″ wheels will be a bit of a detriment off-road if you decide to tackle more challenging terrain.  The CB500X does seem like it would be completely at home on a gravel road, and as you’ll see in the video above, it is very comfortable in an urban environment.  This makes it a great choice for a wide range of people, whether you are looking for a commuter or a mount for your next cross country adventure.  The Honda CB500X features a nice large comfortable seat, with ample room for a passenger as well (something that is lacking on many bikes in this size).  A set of real handlebars and footpegs that are straight down make for a very neutral, comfortable seating position.  Overall I came away very impressed with the Honda CB500X, both in the useable power of the engine as well as the extremely light handling characteristics.  I could definitely have fun loggin many miles from the saddle of this bike.

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