Head 2 Head: Battery Powered Heated Gear vs. Wired Heated Gear


If you are in the market for some heated motorcycle gear (if you ride in the cold, you should be), then this video is for you! Deciding just what type of heated gear to go with can be a bit overwhelming. This video will hopefully help you narrow down your choices, at least when it comes to deciding between battery powered heated gear and wired heated gear.

Most heated motorcycle gear has to be wired to your bikes battery. This can pose a challenge if your bike has very limited space in the battery box, or if your bike’s electrical power output is very low (most scooters or smaller dual sports don’t produce much power). If this is you, going with battery powered heated gear eliminates the fuss, as all you have to do is keep your battery charged and you have heat – any time, any place! Battery powered gear can be used off the bike too–which makes it very versatile for those of you who enjoy other outdoor activities when it’s cold out.

Wired heated gear, in contrast, does not require you to keep track of batteries, and can usually produce a lot more heat than the battery powered versions. If you are wanting to suit up head to toe in heated gear and your bike can support that kind of power draw, then wired heated gear is the way to go.

There’s more to it that that, so watch the video above to get the full scoop on the differences between these two options. Of course you can check out all heated motorcycle gear on our website, too!

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