WRR16: Motorcycles and Airplanes!

Ok I’ll admit it: Motorcycle’s aren’t my first love – Airplanes are. Ever since I was a little kid, I have had a fascination with all things that fly. Maybe it was the fact that my grandfather was one of the first bush pilots into Papua New Guinea that first sparked my interest, but for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to fly.

Of course, two wheeled adventures were there all along as well, from riding bicycles as a kid to herding sheep using dirt bikes on Australian farms as a teenager. To me, Airplanes and Motorcycle just go together. It has been said that flying over the countryside is like watching a good movie, and riding a motorcycle through it is like starring in it. I could see that. I’ll also say that riding a motorcycle is the closest feeling you can get to flying a plane without leaving the ground.

For this weekly ride video, I took my son Elijah (9) out to see a fly in and scale warbirds competition at a local RC airfield. That’s right – radio controlled planes. Yet another one of my hobbies (my wife says I have too many). But hey, it’s cheaper than flying the real deal, and darn near just as fun!

We set off early Saturday morning in crisp cool air, and enjoyed about an hour ride out through the countryside. This event was in support of the Wounded Warrior Project, a very good cause and one I recommend checking out if you aren’t familiar with them. As the name implies, they are a support system for wounded veterans and their families – these are men and women who have fought for our freedoms and who must not be forgotten, so check out the link.

The fly in was a good time. We saw some great planes, some very good flying, a few crashes, and enjoyed a good barbeque lunch. Elijah won a t-shirt and a glider in their raffle, and loved every minute of it. He can’t wait to get his own rc airplane now (he already has his own motorcycle – I could only wish at his age!).

All in all it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Enjoy the pictures, and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Weekly Rides with Reuben are uploaded every Wednesday. Till next time!

 photo 20131005_101224.jpg 

 photo 20131005_102038.jpg 

 photo 20131005_103612.jpg 

 photo 20131005_105440.jpg 

 photo 20131005_112429.jpg 

 photo end.jpg 

 photo 20131005_140756.jpg 

 photo 20131005_140902.jpg 

 photo 20131005_140923.jpg photo 20131005_140941.jpg

 photo 20131005_140953.jpg

 photo 20131005_141011.jpg

 photo 20131005_141032.jpg

 photo 20131005_141120.jpg

 photo 20131005_141239.jpg

 photo 20131005_142031.jpg

 photo 20131005_142041.jpg

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