Shorai Batteries: Lightweights that pack a heavyweight punch!

Thanks to the ever increasing demands of our electronics lifestyle, battery technology has grown leaps and bounds in recent years.  Whether you are talking cell phones, lap tops, or power tools, the demand for more power and longer life is certainly there.  So how does that affect us moto aficionados who would rather sit in a saddle than an office chair?  Thankfully, it affects us a lot:  Allow me to introduce you to Shorai Batteries.

While this may look like your standard motorcycle battery from the outside, it’s what is on the inside that counts.  When you pick up your new Shorai battery, the first thing you’ll notice is how incredibly light it is.  This is thanks to the Lithium Iron design – no lead – no acid.  Besides being lightweight, this also means you don’t have to worry about acid spilling out, off-gassing while charging, or nasty things like sulfation.  These batteries will also hold a charge for MUCH longer than their lead acid counterparts, virtually negating the need for a trickle charger.  If you are expecting to need a trickle charger, which you should only need if you are going to leave the bike for a very long time, any trickle charger will work, so long as it does not have an automatic desulfation mode.  If a charger tried to desulfate a Shorai battery, well, that would be bad.  Shorai also makes their own Shorai Battery charger, which plugs into the port under the grey panel between the terminals.  Their charger takes it a step further by balancing the cells and has two modes, one for a full charge and one for long term storage.

Shorai Battery Charger

Probably the biggest advantage to a Shorai Battery though is the weight savings.  On my street bike, a Kawasaki ZRX1100, installing a Shorai battery shaved a whopping 6 pounds of weight off my bike, vs the stock lead-acid battery.  When you consider how difficult and expensive it can be to save some weight, the cost of the Shorai Battery suddenly doesn’t seem so bad (price a pair of lightweight wheels, if you don’t believe me).

Click on any of the links above to see the different Shorai batteries that we have on our website – and if you have any questions or don’t see your application,  just let us know!   Be sure to watch the video below for more info as well as a demo of a cold start on a chilly morning in the mountains.

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