The New Vega X380, a Vintage Styled Open Face Helmet

That retro open face style seems to be coming back in style and Vega has a new helmet that fits the mold. So if you’re looking for a vintage lid, check out the Vega X380 Helmet in either black, white with a blue stripe or with cool sticker graphics and see which fits your personality best.

Constructed of a tough thermoplastic shell that meets both US DOT and European standards, this open face helmet will keep you safe in case you have a date with the pavement. A Wick-Dri liner that is super absorbent, anti-microbial and soft will keep you dry while riding and the liners are interchangeable, if need be. The comfortable plush padding will cushion your head, while the 3-snap visor, which is included, will offer some protection from the sun if it gets nice and sunny out.

To give you a few cool options, the Vega X380 Old Skool Helmet has two colorways with graphics that depict a vintage sticker collection all over the helmet. If you’re more into a suble graphic the Vega X380 Blue Stripe offers up just a simple racing stripe on a white background, instead of going with the typical gloss or flat black which are also options in this cool retro lid. To see the details of this great new motorcycle helmet, go to the web page and let us know what you think!

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