Wear Your Rings in Comfort with the Olympia 106 Ringer Gel Womens Gloves

I usually don’t wear all my rings while riding because they are just too uncomfortable under my leather gloves. Well luckily Olympia has taken care of that issue with the unique style of these great womens riding gloves.

Designed specifically for a ladies hand, the Olympia 106 Ringer Gel Womens Gloves have integrated stretch material on each finger, between the second and third knuckle, to accommodate all your jewelry. This same material is used on the palm side of each second knuckle to give you greater dexterity while riding. Constructed of a durable black leather, with subtle reflective piping along the back of the hand, you will get the abrasion resistance and visibility you need also. As an added bonus, the palm has been padded with gel which really helps to reduce the vibration and fatigue of long rides. And to make sure they are secure on your wrist there is an elasticized cuff. To get a closer look at these comfortable womens motorcycle gloves, be sure to check them out on my video review below, so you can see if they’re what you’re searching for.

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