Womens TCX X-Square Boots Review

Ladies if you are looking for a sporty styled riding boot that is shorter and offers protection, then take a look at the TCX X-Square Womens Boots. These cute boots have been made similar to the mens version but TCX made sure to design them specifically for a ladies foot, taking into consideration a lower toe box, a more narrow heel and a higher arch.

These TCX Boots have been constructed with both soft suede and patent leather for a durable shell. The sole of this womens motorcycle boot is a tough wear resistant, single compound rubber that has a tread pattern to give you a solid grip whether on the ground or your controls. Inside you will find a mesh lining along with an EVA molded insole that has moisture wicking, antibacterial fabric so your feet will stay dry and comfortable. To keep your feet protected while riding, these motorcycle boots have ankle guards, reinforced toes and heels so you don’t have to worry about accidents. Laces along with a velcro strap give you a proper fit, so you can ride without worrying about the laces coming undone. Check out the below video to see these TCX Boots up close. If you’re looking for a more casual style make sure to check out the TCX X-Street Womens WP Shoes or the TCX Aura WP boots which are more for touring.

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