Comfy Summer Leather Riding Gloves – the Olympia 403 Perforated Gel Womens Gloves

Wearing leather gloves to protect your hands while riding is a good idea but sometimes they just aren’t too comfortable. Well that is not the case with the Olympia 403 Perforated Gel Womens Gloves. Made to be comfy and cool, while also providing some protection, they are perfect for summer riding.

Constructed of a soft, pliable yet durable, leather, these womens motorcycle gloves have perforations along the back of the hand and fingers, so you get the abrasion resistance you need along with good air flow to keep your hands cool. The integrated gel padding throughout the palms offer a comfortable grip while providing great vibration absorption which helps to ease fatigue, especially on longer rides. Olympia has added an elastic inner wrist, along with an adjustable outer strap, which allow you to get the perfect fit for you. Check out the video below to get an in-depth look at these great riding gloves, but if they’re not what you’re looking for, take a look at all the other Womens Gloves by Olympia, as they have plenty to choose from.

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