Affordable, Low-Profile Half Helmets – the AFX FX-200

AFX offers up a variety of helmets but if you’re looking for a shorty check this one out. The streamlined, aerodynamic styling of the AFX FX-200 Half Helmets will give you the protection you need, but also provide you with as little lid as possible, if you don’t want to be too confined. Constructed of a fiberglass, reinforced plastic shell with a hypoallergenic/antimicrobial nylon liner and adjustable D-ring straps, with the option of having a two drop down visors hidden within, this DOT approved shorty helmet is worth taking a look at.

For those who just want to stick to the basics in your skid lid, you have a few choices available. First the AFX FX-200 Slick Beanie Half Helmet which comes in your basic Black or Flat Black, so you can keep it simple or decorate it with your own personal touch. Sticking with a basic black or flat black, you can step it up with the AFX FX-200 Slick Blade Half Helmet, which has a cool silver design on it. And for those of you who want to show a little pride, you can order up the Stars & Stripes of the AFX FX-200 Slick Star Half Helmet, which is available in shades of white or black with flat color options.

If you’re interested in the convenience of  having both a smoke colored and a clear drop down sun visor in your motorcycle half helmet, then check out the AFX FX-200 Solid Beanie Helmet – Dual Lens, which comes in your choice of Black, Flat Black, Pearl White or Silver. And for those of you who like a little color, the AFX FX-200 Pinstripe Beanie Helmet – Dual Lens, offers up splashes of Pink, Orange or Silver in gloss or flat colorways. With the flip of a switch you can adjust to daytime or nighttime riding and these shorty’s also come with a removable visor & ear covers as an added bonus. For a little different styling, check out the AFX FX-70 which is another half helmet option, then pick which you like best and order one up before your next riding adventure.

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