Stay Safe with the Lightweight, Protective Bohn Body Armor

We all want to be safe while riding, but bulky protective gear can sometimes be uncomfortable. Well the Bohn Body Armor is streamlined and will keep you safe if you happen to have a date with the ground. Available in shirts, pants, back pads, neck braces and kidney belts, for men, women & kids, you can choose what suits your needs. Let’s take a look at a few.

If you’re interested in a shirt, the most popular is the Bohn Armor B205 Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure Shirt. Constructed of a thin, fully vented, non-shrink material that is washable, this shirt will keep your elbows, shoulders and back safe with the removable armor. To keep your lower half safe while riding, the Bohn Bodyguard Armored Pants are worth taking a look at. Made of a breathable lycra, the long john styled pants have strategically placed armor in the knee-shin area and in the hips to protect you from impacts with the road. Check out all the Body Body Armor to see what you like and check out the video below for a closer look at the pants. Or take a look at the variety of Protective Body Armor we have to offer on our website, including shirts, pants, shorts, vests and jackets, along with back, knee and elbow protectors.

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