A Sassy, Supportive Sisterhood – The “Queens of the Road” HDForums Womens Group

Recently I was honored to be a part of the 3rd Annual Southern Gathering held in Blairsville, GA, at The Lodge at Copperhead. Organized by our fearless leader Sammy, the Queens of the Road, which is the womens group on the online HDForums, held a fantastic, fun, four day getaway for some great Harley ladies.

tutus on big bike

My part in the event was to present womens motorcycle gear to the ladies, that I had personally road tested and of course to ride some great mountain roads with my new friends. (You can check all the gear I road tested by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.) Sponsored by such great companies as American Custom Exhaust, Competition Accessories, Captain Itch, Rush Racing Products, J&P Cycles, DK Custom Products, MGS Custom Bikes, Mustang Seats, Brukus Motorcycle Parts, Mean City Cycles and four Ride Like A Pro locations, all the ladies were able to ride away with some great giveaways.

sweet biker girlsFirst of all, let me tell you about this group of wonderful gals. Not only are they a blast to hang out & ride with, but are extremely supportive (esp. online) to everyone’s needs, questions, concerns and issues. Many women riders are looking for other ladies to ride with or they want to ask questions about riding, but don’t want to talk to a man, so in steps the QOTR with their knowledge, experience and humor….and if you’re lucky, you might meet someone who lives close enough to be your new riding buddy. So if any of you Harley gals out there are looking for this kind of sisterhood then check them out at www.HDForums.com



another cabin

But more on the event…it was all about getting together, riding, having fun & meeting new friends….so we did all that and more. We stayed in great little cabins that had motorcycle garages & hot tubs, along with a Lodge that offered food, drinks, entertainment, a wrap around porch to hang out on, covered bike parking, a pool and a huge outdoor fireplace. The staff was very friendly and accommodated all our whims, while putting up with a group of loud, fun loving ladies. So if you’re looking for a biker friendly place to stay in northern GA, check out The Lodge at Copperhead. It’s located near the heart of the Gauntlet and within 80 miles of the Dragon’s Tail, Cherohola Skyway & the Moonshiner 28, which sounds far but truly isn’t a bad ride, since all the roads leading us there, were so gorgeous and fun to ride.

For the Queens of the Road though, the highlight of our trip was conquering the Dragon’s Tail! But for this sassy group of girls, we had to do it with style, so out came the Tutu’s, which we (well most of us) proudly wore ridin’ down the Tail. If you haven’t done it, make sure you put it on your “biker bucket list” because it was awesome to ride…and no you don’t have to wear a Tutu! We were able to ride hundreds of miles throughout the mountains, along the streams and across the gorge, reveling in the beauty of God’s country and enjoying the soothing movement of our bikes, gliding along the curvy roads. There’s nothing like those days of riding.

Along the way, whether on the bikes or hanging out in our cabins, friendships were built, laughs ensued and bonds were forged. Grilling out, celebrating birthdays, eating dessert, making jokes, riding in the rain, creating our own hand signals, sharing clothes and snapping loads of pictures….it was a girls bike trip that was definitely full of memory making moments and I can’t wait till the next one. Until then, ride safe, keep the shiny side up and if you feel the need, go ahead & rock that Tutu!


Road Tested Womens Riding Gear:

Fly Racing 357 Half Helmet

GMax 78 Firestarter Full Face Helmet

Cortech LRX Air 2 Jacket

Cortech DX 2 Gloves

Sliders Bella Kevlar Jeans

Bobster Zoe Convertible Sunglasses

Tourmaster Rain Boot Covers

Power Trip Graphite Fingerless Gel Leather Gloves



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