Gel Eases Fatigue – Riding in the Power Trip Graphite Fingerless Gloves

I like to ride in gel gloves because my Harley vibrates a lot and recently I road tested the Power Trip Graphite Leather Fingerless Gel Gloves, which helped keep my hand fatigue in check.

A durable black leather shorty styled glove, they were pliable, soft and comfortable. The gel along the palm and wrist bone area offered protection, which is not only great for the vibration, but also if you happen to go down. They are easy to slip on and the fingerless style provided great air flow so my hands didn’t get hot.  Power Trip offers a variety of leather motorcycle gear and if you’re looking for a full fingered style take a look at the Power Trip Voodoo Womens Leather Mesh Gloves, which are very similar in style. But if you’re not sure what you want, we have a variety of womens motorcycle gloves available on our site, so we’re sure you’ll find what suits your needs. But if you like these, watch my video ride review below to get all the details on these womens Power Trip Gloves.

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