My Road Test of the GMax GM78 Firestarter Full Face Helmet

I learned a few lessons from a full face helmet this weekend on my bike trip. One, it makes a world of difference when you get caught in the rain and two, it really helps buffer the wind while riding long distance on the highway. And the outstanding bonus of test riding with the GMax GM78 Firestarter Womens Helmet was the internal drop down sun visor.

firestarter-helmetBeing a half helmet type of girl, I was a little nervous about riding in a full face. Not that I’m claustrophobic, but that my peripheral vision may be more limited and that a full face would be much heavier to wear. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the GMax GM78 Helmet was really lightweight and didn’t put any additional strain on my neck at all. The eye port is large and I was able to see fairly well to both sides of me. I will admit for shorter runs or while I was riding the Dragon’s Tail, I was more comfy in a half, as I felt personally it gave me better control but the full face definitely has advantages!

So let’s talk about those advantages. Getting caught in the rain on the way home sucked but having a full face on really helped me feel safer, because I was not getting stung by rain in the face and didn’t have to keep wiping water off my sunglasses. The water just beaded off the shield and didn’t fog up at all, due to the breath deflector and vents in front. I could see so much better and best of all I didn’t get wet! The design of this full face riding helmet also really helped the air flow around my head, so I didn’t feel like I was fighting with the wind as much and that’s a big plus since I don’t have a windshield on my Harley.

My favorite feature of this lid is the internal drop down sun visor. While riding in the mountains it was so easy to slide up and down, as I went through tree canopied area’s, then back into the bright sunshine. All I had to do was reach up to the top of the helmet with my left hand and slide the lever back/forth. Plus I didn’t have to wear sunglasses under this motorcycle helmet, which was nice because sometimes they are uncomfortable, depending on the interior padding. Another cool feature, which is awesome at night or during rain, is the red LED light bar on the back of this GMax Helmet. It has three modes, so you can choose a solid light or flashers, which adds great visibility when riding.

Overall I will say that I’m loving this full face helmet. It was very padded, comfy, lightweight and I didn’t get hot in it, even in 85° weather. And now I’m convinced of it’s advantages while riding in rain, long distance and on the highway. So from now on, on all my long motorcycle trips, you will see me in the GMax GM78 Firestarter Helmet. Check out my video below to take a closer look at this helmet and let me know if you have any questions. I, of course, wore the Pink one, but it does come in Red, Blue, Green & Silver, so you can choose which you like best.

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