Road Testing the Fly Racing 357 Half Helmet

On a girls motorcycle trip to the mountains recently I was able to test ride with the Fly Racing 357 Flame Half Helmet and not only did it have cute Pink Flames, my favorite, but it was really comfortable. Plus it had an internal drop down sun visor that proved to come in very handy during a rain shower.



Usually I hate the straps on motorcycle helmets but these are positioned slightly forward so I didn’t feel like they were choking me. Plus where the straps come over your ears and down the sides of your face, they had a soft lining so they weren’t scratchy. The liner inside was also comfortable and I didn’t get hot while riding in temps up to 90° either.

The best part about the Fly Racing 357 is the hidden drop down sun visor that you can quickly raise up/down as needed. I have to wear sunglasses with foam to keep the wind out of my eyes but I had no problem with the visor hitting them when I had it down. I used it when it got really sunny out, to help keep the sun out of my eyes but even better, was using it in the rain. Normally when you’re wearing a shorty helmet and rain hits, you have to keep wiping your glasses off with your finger so you can see. Well I slid the sun visor down in front of my clears, the rain rolled right off it, my glasses stayed clean and I felt a little safer since I could see so much better than I normally do while riding in the rain. It was an awesome added benefit that I was not expecting…not that I wanted to ride in the rain but you know, it happens!


All in all I will say that this will be the brain bucket that I’ll be wearing from now on. It was lightweight, really comfortable, DOT approved, easy to attach my GoPro Hero3 HD Camera too (as you can see in the picture) and the bonus sun visor made a huge difference while on the road. At such a great cost, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to check the Fly Racing 357 Helmets out, if you’re looking for a great half helmet. Or check out all the Fly Racing Helmets, as they have styles to fit all your riding needs. Don’t forget to check out my video below to see this one detail and if you’re not into Pink like me, no worries, it’s available in Purple Flames, Orange Flames, Grey Flames and solid Black.

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