Riding with the Cortech DX 2 Gloves

Last weekend I spent four days on my Harley riding with a group of girls and was able to road test some new gear. One pair of gloves, the Cortech DX 2 Womens Gloves, turned out to be an awesome riding companion. I usually wear leather gloves and was really impressed by these cute Pink & Black summer riding gloves. They were stretchy, comfortable and kept my hands cool, plus when I got stuck in the rain, my hands didn’t turn colors like they usually do in leather.

The palm is a soft suede like material (Clarino) and the extra padding really helped to ease the fatigue of miles and miles of gripping the controls. The stretchy, mesh like material allowed me to move my fingers freely and my hands didn’t get hot, even on a 90° day. These gloves by Cortech were perfect for my small hands and I felt like I had total control at all times on my throttle, brake & clutch, which was really important since I was taming the Dragon’s Tail.

cortech-gloves-1All in all, I can say that you will see me riding all the time now in these womens motorcycle gloves, as they were a perfect fit, super comfortable and good in temps ranging from 60° – 90°. Check them out in my video below to see them up close. And if you’re not into pink like I am, they come in several colors for ladies, men and even kids, so you’re whole family can rock these cool summer riding gloves.

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