New Aeromoto Leathers – Quality gear that won’t break the bank!

If you are serious about riding motorcycles, you probably either own, or have considered owning some leathers.  Leather is still king when it comes to protection.  You know the saying, I’d rather sweat than bleed?  Well the new Aeromoto Sport Jacket and Corsa Pro pants are both available in solid and perforated versions.  In my experience, perforated leather flows almost as much air as mesh when moving, although I will admit at a stop it can still warm up a bit.  The extra protection is well worth the trade off though, if you ask me.

The other factor that holds back a lot of people from going with leather is the price.  It’s true, leather definitely costs more than textile gear – but it doesn’t have to completely break the bank.  We want you to be able to afford a nice set of leathers while still having some gas money left over.  With the new Aeromoto Sport Leather Jacket and Corsa Pro Leather Pants, consider that mission accomplished.

The Aeromoto Sport Leather Jacket, along with the Sport Air version, feature 1.2mm leather construction, with 1.3mm leather in the impact areas.  CE armor is found at the elbows and shoulders, while a 10mm foam back pad protects the back.  With it’s multi-panel construction, the Aeromoto Sport Leather jacket looks great but keeps it simple.  A large tooth main zipper closes securely, and the fit is just right.  Not race tight fit, but not baggy in all the wrong places either.  The jackets feature a thermal liner that is removable, which will help to keep you warm during cooler rides.  Zippered front pockets provide  you with a place to stash a few things on the outside, along with a few internal pockets as well.  Two pants connection zippers are included with the Aeromoto Sport Leather Jacket as well.  A short zipper for casual rides, and a long zipper perfect for creating a two piece suit.  The other side of the zipper is included as well so you can attach it to a pair of pants you already own if need be.

If you think these jackets sound nice, wait until you see the pants.  The Aeromoto Corsa Pro Pants and Corsa Air Pants are both made with the same premium 1.2-1.4mm cowhide leather, and come complete with knee armor and knee sliders.  Plenty of stretch material above the knees, down the thighs, and at the back of the waist means you can comfortably move around on the bike for spirited riding all day long.  Together with the jacket they make a fantastic 2 piece suit!  Pick you set up today!  Shop Aeromoto.


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