Skid Lid Half Helmets – Conveying Biker Attitude

Whether you prefer not to wear a motorcycle helmet but are forced to or you prefer something that is low profile, the creative Skid Lid Half Helmets line probably has what you’re looking for. With several colors, styles and some crazy artwork, we’re sure you’ll find one to suit your personality or match your bike.

“Skid Lid” has become probably the most common moniker for half helmets due to the popularity of the Skid Lid Original Helmet brand, simply because they are one of the smallest helmets available that is DOT Approved. A contoured helmet, that sits low on your head and has clean lines, this shorty helmet will keep you from feeling like a bobble head while riding. With a thermoplastic alloy injected shell and an easy D-ring strap, this motorcycle half helmet will protect you while keeping you cool too.

If you’re looking for a visor on your helmet, then check out the Skid Lid Traditional Half Helmets. They take it up a notch by adding an attached visor and comfy covered ear straps to the original design. Or if you’re just a little more serious your riding helmet, you can get the Skid Lid Classic Touring Helmet which has a 3-snap visor and an ear/wind curtain, both of which are removable if the need arises.

You can call it a skid lid, a brain bucket, a beanie, a shorty or something else but bottom line is…if you want a sleek, lightweight half helmet that offers cool graphics a Skid Lid could be just the ticket for you!

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