Aeromoto Road Tech Gloves : Outstanding Protection, Feel and Quality


Aeromoto Road Tech Gloves are crafted with top quality materials for a refined look and feel that many Motorcycle Gloves in it’s price range won’t be able to match.  These gloves feature a Genuine Leather Construction,  the Knox Scaphoid Protection System,  Carbon Fiber Knuckle / Finger Protectors with metal accents,  Abrasion Resistant Fabric patches over the pinky finger and thumb,  Double Stitching in key areas,  and Silicone Embossed Reinforcement over the high wear areas at the base of the fingers and inside of the thumbs.  The Road Tech Gloves are similar to the Aeromoto Track Tech Gloves,  although,  the Road Tech Gloves have a short gauntlet style wrist strap,  while the Track Tech has a full gauntlet design.  Also,  with the Track Tech Gloves you gain a bit more wrist protection with Carbon Fiber and Metal accents on both sides of the wrist for track ready protection.  If you are looking for a glove with nice protection and a great style but without the full gauntlet feel,  the Roach Tech Gloves are a great choice.

These Short Cuff Leather Gloves have a very soft feel making them extremely comfortable to wear.  What’s great is,  not only are they comfortable,  they have a solid amount of protection.  Unlike some gloves,  the knuckle protector on this Aeromoto glove is very comfortable and doesn’t dig into your knuckles.  I have very bony knuckles and I find that these gloves have plenty of patting between the Carbon Fiber and your knuckles to keep your hands comfortable even when gripping the throttle.  They fit to size and require little to no break in time.  Check out our video review of these Aeromoto Road Tech Gloves below.  If you have any questions about these gloves,  the Track Tech Gloves or any other motorcycle accessory then drop us a line.  We are here to help.

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