2013 Mesh Jacket Buying Guide : Fear Not the Heat

As the warm weather rolls in,  well,  for the most part  (I hear it is still quite chilly up north),  it is time to pull out the warm weather gear—  at least for us already seeing temperatures touch the 90s.  In particular,  Mesh Jackets.  If you want to skip on down to the bottom,  Reuben helps breakdown different summer jackets with the 2013 Mesh Jacket Guide and provides you some important differences in available features.

The 2013 Summer Mesh Jacket Buying Guide helps break down a few of the jackets that are available to riders like you.  Mesh apparel for motorcycles hasn’t been widespread among the motorcycle industry for a very long time–  about a decade or so.  When it was introduced it was a nice alternative to the typically hot riding apparel and provided a nice bit of air flow.  However,  they did lack some much needed protection.  Like most materials and goods produced,  they tend to gain new advancements as technology improves.  In today’s market it isn’t uncommon to find nice air flowing mesh gear with a good bit of impact protection.  Although,  abrasion protection tends to be lacking,  for the most part,  but you can find some Mesh Gear with added materials over the key areas to help combat abrasion.  For now,  we are going to focus on Mesh Motorcycle Jackets as a whole category,  however there are many companies that do make both Womens Mesh Jackets and Mens Mesh Jackets.

The evolution of the Mesh Jacket holds an important role in the motorcycle community for many reasons.  Mesh material creates a superior summer jacket because of its ability to let air reach your skin and allows for good air circulation.  It is extremely lightweight and comfortable.  Also,  it is usually a bit cheaper than other materials used for motorcycle jackets,  like a leather jacket that can make your wallet feel a bit thinner.  What you will find is that there are many different features that you can find for Mesh Jackets that can really be quite rider specific.  Whether you are looking for a jacket that is strictly a hot weather jacket where you are hammered with tons of air flow,  or even a 4 season jacket,  mesh surely has something to offer.

You really can’t go wrong by adding a Mesh Jacket to your motorcycle gear arsenal.  Some of these jackets may contain 1 or 2 liners to help broaden the riding conditions they can contend with.  There are Waterproof Mesh Jackets and even Winter suitable Mesh Jackets.  Also available are the 4 Season Mesh Jackets that typically include both a waterproof liner and a thermal liner,  which Reuben discusses in the Summer Mesh Jacket Guide.  Check it out below.  There is good information to help you better understand the different types of Mesh Jackets and digs into some of the features that may help answer some of your questions.  But hey,  if you still have ANY questions about any kind of motorcycle accessory or piece of apparel,  even tires or grips or mirrors or batter chargers or saddle bags or gloves or the whole shebang,  new rider or experienced,  we’ve got you covered–  just drop us a line.  We can help you decide what to look for or help breakdown the differences between similar products when you just can’t decide.  That’s what we are here for.


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