Dry Your Motorcycle Quickly & Easily with a Metro Air Force Blaster

Whether you’re cleaning your bike or you got caught in the rain, the water will leave spots. So to get it cleaned off in a hurry, use a Metro Air Force Blaster. With three sizes/styles to choose from, there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

sidekickFor those of you who are looking for something small to just use occasionally on your bike, check out the smallest of these motorcycle air dryers…the Metro Air Force Blaster Sidekick.  Sturdy steel construction with a 1.3HP, 8 Amp, 950 Watt motor that blows 18,000 ft/mins of air, this lightweight version will get the job done quickly and easily, as you’ll see in the below video.

classicTaking a step up to something with a little more power, the Metro Air Force Blaster Classic boasts a 4.0 Peak HP, 9.5 Amp, 2-stage dual fan and pumps out 29,250 ft/mins of air. With a longer hose & cord plus five additional attachments, you’ll get a little more for your money if you’re going to be using this air dryer on a regular basis.

master-blasterNow the Metro Air Force Master Blaster, is just what it implies, the biggest and baddest of the bunch. The twin 4.0 Peak HP (totaling 8.0 Peak HP), 19 Amp motor will provide you will 58,500 ft/mins of air and also gives you adjustments of 2 speeds and 2 temperatures. Again this motorcycle dryer has a longer cord and hose, plus the attachments to makes sure you can use it for all your bigger jobs too, like your car, truck or boat.

To see the Sidekick in action, check out our video. You’ll see that these Metro Air Dryers will save you lots of time, so you can be out riding more, instead of slowly wiping your bike dry with towels.


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