Arai Signet Q Helmets – the Long Oval Shaped Shell Offers More Comfort

If you are looking for a helmet that is elongated to eliminate those uncomfortable “hot spots” in the forehead and temple area’s, the Arai Signet Q Helmets are made for you. Offering 5mm from front to back, this helmet, which is fashioned after the popular Arai RX-Q is sure to be a hit.


There are a multitude of colors and styles available but the newest, which we are going to feature here for you is the Arai Signet -Q US Flag Frost Black Helmet. This graphic, which you can get a close up view of in the below video, is a subtle tribute to our country. Featuring a gray subdued flag on both sides, some gold pinstripes, a view of our continent on the back and a colored flag on the top, you can support the USA while riding down the road.

To give you a brief overview of the helmet, I will highlight some of the features. But for an in-depth breakdown of this fantastic motorcycle helmet, please take the time to watch the second video below so you can see for yourself why it’s such a great lid. Featuring the long oval shaped shell, this skid lid helps get rid of those areas that put too much pressure on your head and cause pain. Plus they’ve integrated 5mm peel-away pads in the temple area and spring loaded cheek pads to customize it to fit you perfectly. With a mutli-denisty EPS liner, a Dry-Cool liner that is removable/washable, Emergency Removable Cheek Pad Tabs and a great ventilation system, the Arai Signet-Q US Flag Black Frost Helmet, which is DOT & Snell approved, is definitely worth the money.










Two other new graphic which are set to be released soon are the Arai Signet-Q Basilisk Helmet, with it’s cool black, white & red colorway and the Arai Signet-Q Tropic Frost with it’s floral red, black and white graphic. Plus there are several solid colors and a ton of other graphics available in the Arai Signet-Q line, so if you’re looking for protection, comfort and style, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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