Tourmaster Motorcycle Covers Protect Your Bike From The Elements

Protecting your bike with a Tourmaster Motorcycle Cover, whether it’s in the garage or parked outside, is a great way to keep it safe from rain, dust, debris and scratches. Here’s a few choices that will fit any budget and keep your bike safe from all the elements and people that are around them.

PVC-coverIf you’re just looking for something basic and inexpensive to keep your motorcycle dry, then the Tourmaster PVC Motorcycle Cover will get the job done. Constructed of a heavy duty PVC that has welded seams and is 100% waterproof, it will keep your bike dry in any kind of rainy weather. There are grommets at the bottom edge so you can lock the cover down and it’s fully vented to keep the air flowing through also. Available in two sizes, it will fit most bikes and has it’s own bag to be stuffed back into when you’re done with it.

select-coverTo have a cover that you can throw over the bike as soon as you get back from riding, you’ll want one with aluminized heat panels, that protects the cover from hot exhaust. The Tourmaster Select Motorcycle Cover comes with those heat panels as well as a soft windshield and tail area protection fabric, for extra bike protection, plus has grommets to hold it down. Made of a durable Carbolex, it is water resistant with double stitching to protect from leaks and vented to allow air flow. Available in four sizes, it will fit most bikes and also comes with a stuff sack.



Just a step up is the Tourmaster Elite Motorcycle Cover, which is almost the same as the Select but has a few more features. It is a constructed of a tougher 300 denier Carbolex and is completely waterproof, with not only the double stitching but also taped seams to guarantee no water gets in. It also has the heat shield panels, an elastic hem with grommets, a soft tail & windshield fabric, a stuff bag and is fully vented. There are four sizes to choose from, so you can get what fits your bike best.

Whether you cover you bike daily at work to keep it safe from rain, dust or even people touching it or you like to keep it covered at home for the same reasons, a motorcycle cover is a great way to protect your favorite toy. On our website we have plenty to choose from in a variety of colors, sizes, styles and price, so check them out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we’re always happy to help you find the perfect motorcycle gear for your bike.

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