HJC IS-2 Shorty Helmets with Internal Sun Shield for Men & Women

Ladies, if you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet that is cute, offers protection, plus has the new innovative internal drop down sun shield, then the HJC IS-2 Blossom Helmet is worth taking a look at. And don’t worry guys we have the same helmet for you, in solid and graphics.









All the HJC IS-2 Open Face Helmets are constructed identical, they just come in a variety of colors/designs to please everyone, such as White, Silver, Anthracite, Wine, Matte Black and Black. But for the ladies we have the girly floral design of the HJC IS-2 Blossom Helmet on both a black or pink background.

DOT approved and made of a tough, durable polycarbonate composite shell, these HJC Helmets will keep your noggin safe if you happen to greet the asphalt. With a SilverCool interior that is odor free, moisture wicking, removable and washable, you will stay dry and comfy during all your rides.

hjs-is2-sun-shieldsTo keep the sun out of your eyes while cruising down the road they have incorporated two great features in the construction. One is an external visor to shield the sun from the sky and the other is the smoke tinted, internal sun shield that is tucked away in the helmet. Easy to drop down, it will protect your eyes from harsh direct sunlight. Now if you don’t like the color or you happen to break it, you can easily fix that problem with the HJC IS-2 Replacement Sun Shields, in amber, clear, light or dark smoke color.

We think the HJC IS-2 is a great open face helmet, but with many other styles and colors to choose from, we invite you to check them all out for yourself on our website. Whether you’re looking for a shorty style motorcycle helmet or a full face, HJC has tons of options, such as the HJC IS-2 Schade Helmet which offers a racing stripe design. And make sure to watch the below video’s to get a more in-depth look at these great lids.



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