Honda VTX1300 Owners – Show Chrome is Here to Make Your Bike Shine

Make your bike your own. Transform it from a stock Honda VTX1300 to the dream bike you want, with the help of Show Chrome. With lots of options, covers and motorcycle replacement parts, we can have your bike shining from nose to tail in no time.

honda-highway-barTo make you more visible and to give you a better line of sight, add some extra lighting to the front of your bike with the Show Chrome 3.5″ Contour LED Light Kit. The complete kit comes with a universal wire harness, switch, driving bar mount, headlight mount bracket and LED bulbs. Once installed you will definitely have a better range of vision, especially at night, when animals, or a pothole, could quickly catch you off guard.

honda-housingContinue the sleek look of your bars with the Show Chrome Honda VTX1300 Brake & Clutch Chrome Switch Box Housing unit.  Replacing the boring OEM parts that are standard on your bike, they are sold in pairs so you can cover both the brake and clutch sides.

universal-heatedNow, we know these are not shiny, but they’re a great upgrade option for those of you who live in colder areas of the country. Show Chrome Heated Grips offer variable temps with an easy dial switch so you can adjust the warmth as you are cruising along. So keep your hands toasty warm while you’re showing off your beautiful bike.

honda-highway-barsHighway bars are a great chrome accessory if you like to go on long rides and want to be able to stretch out a little while cruising along. Giving you that extra foot rest area, plus providing protection to your tins if you happen to go down, the Show Chrome Honda VTX1300 Retro Cast Highway Bars easily install into the existing frame holes.

honda-rear-caliperYour back tire is not always known as a pretty area on your VTX1300 but you can give it a boost with the Show Chrome Rear Brake Caliper Cover. With a cool design, these chromed steel covers are simple to mount with the included hardware.



A luggage rack is a great way to protect your paint for those times when you need to strap a bag or anything else down to your motorcycle. For a cool, cut out style, the Show Chrome Curved Solo Rack for your Honda VTX1300, is the way to go. It comes with all the hardware and installs without any drilling, right into the holes where the rear pillow seat was.

We know these might not be the first replacement parts you would choose, but that’s okay, because we have a variety of styles, designs and parts for you to pick from on our website. So check out all the Show Chrome Accessories for your Honda and make your bike truly yours.

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