Support “Patchy” in the New HJC RPHA-X Nate Adams Monster Helmet

We all know that Nate “Patchy” Adams is unbelievable when on his dirt bike and now you can represent your favorite rider in the new HJC RPHA-X Nate Adams Monster Helmet. Sporting an awesome “in your face” Monster Energy bright green graphic, you will definitely stand out during your rides.

nate-adamsTough enough to stand up to the hills, jumps and thrills of off-roading, this new helmet is constructed of durable carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass with a non-woven organic fabric. With three strong, lightweight shell sizes, the integrated CAD technology and both DOT & SNELL approvals, it keeps Nate Adams safe during his crazy stunts and it will do the same for you.





The HJC RPHA-X Nate Adams Monster Helmet will keep you cool in any weather due to the advanced channeling ventilation system, which features a multitude of vents that flow air from the front, around your head and out the back. The COOL4EVER™, lightweight, moisture wicking, odor free, antibacterial interior liner has Ginkgo extract integrated to make it extremely soft, while keeping your head dry.

nate-adams-3To help block the sun, there is a streamlined, multi-position visor and the large eyeport allows for better vision thru your goggles, plus the underside of the visor has a rider information decal. With all these great features, we’re sure Patchy Adams would be happy to have you sporting his sponsor on your head while you do your free-styling.

If you like the helmet but are not so sure of this bright green graphic, then check out all the other HJC RPHA-X Helmets on our site. There’s solids colors, the Factor Colorways and the Tempest Graphics, which gives you a lot to choose from. So order up yours today. If you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment and be sure to watch the video below to give you a better view of the cool graphics on the Nate Adams Helmet. 

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