Alpinestars SMX2 Air Carbon Gloves – Summer Protection for your Hands

Summer’s approaching, so it’s time to find some motorcycle gloves that offer protection as well as great air flow. The Alpinestars SMX2 Air Carbon Gloves for men and women offer that and more, so let’s take a look.








Constructed of a lightweight, yet durable leather, with integrated mesh for maximum cooling, these Alpinestars riding gloves provide great abrasion resistance. The palm has been given Clarino reinforcements, along with built in foam, to offer impact protection and silicone dots on the fingertips for added grip as well.





To keep your knuckles safe there are cool looking carbon fiber protectors with TPR reinforcements along each finger for additional protection. A unique feature of the Alpinestars SMX2 Air Carbon Gloves is that the pinky has been fully covered in leather, just in case it gets dragged along the asphalt if you go down. With padding in the thumbs and a soft airpene cuff, with a TPR closure, you’ll be comfy and safe in these cool motorcycle gloves.








Available in several colors for the men – Solid Black, Black/Green, Black/White, Red, Red/Yellow, Blue and Orange – they also come in three colors for the ladies – Solid Black, Black/White and Pink/Black. The Alpinestars Stella SMX2 Air Carbon Womens Gloves are identical in construction to the guys gloves, but have been specifically and ergonomically cut for a ladies hand, for a more precise fit. Check out our in-depth video below so you can see for yourself what fantastic MX gloves these are for all your riding adventures.


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