The Vega XTV – A Shorty Lid With A Drop Down Visor

Too hot for a full face but you want a visor, then the Vega XTV Solid Half Helmets is just what you’re looking for. A great shorty lid that comes with a drop down visor that is optically correct and replaceable if something should scratch or break it.



Constructed of a lightweight fiberglass shell that meet/exceeds the US DOT FMVSS218 standard, your head will be safe if you happen to take a fall while riding.  With a Coolmax liner inside, you will stay cool and comfortable on those hot riding days, in the Vega XTV Solid Half Helmets.








A universal three snap shorty visor is also included across the brow of this motorcycle helmet, so you’ll get double protection from the blaring sun or rain if that happens on your ride. Available in sizes 2XS – 2XL, this unisex motorcycle helmet comes in four colorways (Flat Black, Gloss Black, Pearl White & Silver), so you can get what suits you best. With several styles of motorcycle half helmets available from Vega and other brands, we’re sure you can find what you like on our website.

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