Show Chrome Accessories Can Make Your Yamaha V Star 950 Stand Out In a Crowd

All bikers want their motorcycle to make a personal statement. So for those of you who own a Yamaha V Star 950, we’re going to introduce you to a few Show Chrome parts that can help you start dressing up your dream bike.

yamaha-master-cylinder-coverUp front there are lots of OEM parts that can be swapped out for chrome ones and one of those that’s super easy to install is the Show Chrome Yamaha V Star 950 Master Brake Cylinder Cover.  They simply slip on, over the OEM and stay put with double sided adhesive, to give you a small flash of chrome.

yamaha-brake-caliperGoing downward from there to the front tire, you can mount the Show Chrome Front Brake Caliper Cover on the left side to give the wheel some class. Made of a chromed stamped steel, with a unique design, they will make your tire stand out in a sea of bikes.

yamaha-regulator-coverIn the bottom center of the front of your motorcycle frame you can give your regulator some style with this die-cast chromed aluminum cover, that sports a cool curvy shape with a distinctive cut out design. The Show Chrome Die Cast Regulator Cover is quick to install and continues the chrome trail along your bikes frame.

Pegs are always a great option if you’re looking for easy upgrades and the Show Chrome Universal Peg & Clamp Sets give you three cool design choices. With 1.25″ case guard clamps and all the hardware included, you can easily add some personality to your V Star 950. 



Right behind your pegs your swingarm is usually a boring piece of real estate on your motorcycle. So spice it up with the Show Chrome – Chrome Swingarm Cover.  You’ll get a pair of covers, that have a detailed design in the ABS Chrome, that just snap into place with 3M dual lock fasteners. Easy peasy and cool looking.



To finish off the tail end of your Yamaha, the Show Chrome Solo Luggage Rack will give you a place to strap down your bags whether you’re going on a trip or just commuting to work.  With it’s cool curved style, it will add class even when not in use. No drilling required, this motorcycle accessory attaches to the existing fender mount points, so it too is super easy to install.



Well that’s just a start, but you get the picture. It’s very easy to bling out all the OEM parts you want on your Yamaha V Star 950 with Show Chrome Accessories. So go to today and take a look at the huge selection of V Star parts we have available for you and your favorite ride.



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