A Versatile Modular Helmet – the Vega Summit 3.1

If you’re looking for a year around modular helmet, the Vega Summit 3.1 Solid Helmets, are worth taking a look at. Easy to convert from a motorcycle helmet to a snowmobile helmet, with the ability to accept communication systems, plus tons of great features, this one has it all.

summit-3.1-candy-redFirst of all this helmet is tough and will keep you safe. Constructed to meet/exceed the stringent European ECE 22.05 standard as well as the US DOT FMVSS218 standard, your head will be protected from any impact if you happen to go down while riding. The simple to operate, one hand modular jaw is easy to pop up and makes putting on or taking off your glasses a breeze. The Vega Summit 3.1 Solid Helmets shell comes in two sizes so you can get a superior fit and with interchangeable liners, you are sure to get a perfect fit for you. The liner is made of a Coolmax material that is not only comfy, but washable too, so you can clean it if it gets dirty. summit-3.1-pearl-white

The outer shield is a six-position, optically correct, scratch resistant clear one that can be replaced, if need be, with the Vega Series B Full Face Shields that are available in nine options, so you can choose what you like. Plus there is a smoke tinted interior drop down visor which offers you the option of going without glasses under your helmet. Flip it down for sunny weather and flip it back up and out of the way when night starts to fall and you’re still out riding.



To keep you nice and cool while riding, not only is there the Coolmax liner, but multiple vents strategically placed throughout the Vega Summit 3.1 Solid Helmet. An adjustable chin vent allows air to flow through around the mouth area, while forehead and cheek vents offer more cooling in the front which flows though to the back and exits the rear vents to give you superior comfort.

There are a few bonus features on this motorcycle helmet that we have to tell you about. The first is that it easily converts to a snowmobile helmet with the installation of the Vega Electric Dual Lens Snow Shield Kit, which also comes in a non-electric version. Plus it is designed to accept various communication systems, most of which are easy to install, so you can chat with your fellow riders or passengers while cruising.



As you can see this Vega Helmet has a lot to offer for an affordable price point. So pick your Honda Match color (Candy Red, Pearl White, Black or Ultra Blue Metallic, all with a Silver Modular Jaw) and be prepared for your next motorcycle or snowmobile ride. If you want to compare, then check out all the motorcycle helmets we have to offer on our website. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask, we are happy to help.




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