Tourmaster Cruiser II Saddlebag Review

Constructed of a unique synthetic material that looks and feels like leather, Tourmaster Cruiser II Saddlebags are a great option for your next motorcycle trip.


Practically maintenance free, these motorcycle saddlebags resist stains, rust and mildew, while being extremely durable. With the look of high quality leather, you can get cool bags at an affordable price. The Tourmaster Cruiser II Saddlebags have a universal mounting system that incorporates a zipper removal system so they are not only easy to mount, but easy to take off when you get to your destination.



Offering large box style lids, that have quick release buckles hidden behind traditional looking silver buckles, these bags are not only available in three sizes, they are available in two styles. If you like a little bling on your bags then the Tourmaster Cruiser II Saddlebags with Rivets is the choice for you. With subtle detailing, they will stand out just enough on your bike. And to protect your bike, the saddle bags also have a neoprene layer on the inner sides to keep them from scratching your paint or chrome.


So depending on the size and style you like, these or any of the other luggage motorcycle pieces offered by Tourmaster are sure to fit the bill. Be prepared for your next motorcycle adventure by picking up some luggage today.

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