Icon Justice Leather Gloves with Touchscreen Technology

Getting motorcycle gear on and off can be a pain, especially if it’s cold out. With the Icon Justice Touch Screen Gloves, you can take a call from a friend, mess with your GPS or text the person you’re waiting for, without battling the dreaded gear removal!


Constructed with a special Touchtec® leather palm, so you can play with your electronic devices without removing them, these motorcycle gloves also have a double layered palm to help reduce fatigue and vibration.


A special Pittards® micro-vent goatskin leather crosses the back of the hand, along with all five fingers, allowing air flow as well as giving you abrasion resistance. This special leather is also water resistant and will last longer than most leathers. The Icon Justice Touch Screen Womens Gloves, as well as the mens, come in black and the womens version is specifically cut to fit a ladies smaller hand.

justice-grey-mensTo keep your hands even more protected, these leather gloves have thermoplastic knuckles with air vents. Plus for additional air flow, each finger has it’s own little ram vent, so your hands stay nice and cool in warmer weather.justice-tan-mens

An adjustable velcro wrist closure keeps them snug and they have a pre-curved design so they fit perfectly to your hand. Now if you don’t think you really need the Touchtec® technology, these riding gloves are available without it. Identically designed, the Icon Justice Leather Gloves for Men comes in three colors (Black, Grey, Tan) while the Icon Justice Leather Womens Gloves comes only in Black.

So whether you’re into technology or not these are some pretty cool riding gloves from Icon. Check out the video below to get a more in depth look at these motorcycle gloves or check out our website to search for more styles and colors, we have a lot of options available for you. And please be safe…do not use the touch screen technology while actually riding on your motorcycle!


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