Going Off-Roading? The Vega Flyte Helmets Will Keep You Safe

Are you hitting the trails to have some fun? Whether it’s on a dirt bike, ATV or riding motocross, the Vega Flyte Helmets will protect your head in all your favorite off-road adventures.









Whether you pick the Vega Flyte Solid Helmet, which comes in flat black or white, or you go for one of the cool graphics, they all are constructed the same, offering both safety & comfort. With a tough, aerodynamic shell, designed for off road performance, they all meet or exceed the stringent standards of the European ECE 22.05 and the US DOT FMVSS218, so you can rest assured your head will be safe.



Not only will you be protected in these off road helmets, you will stay cool due to the great ventilation system located throughout. With large forehead intake vents and multi-port rear exhaust vents, you’ll get maximum air flow to keep you comfortable in the Vega Flyte Horror Project Helmet, which has a sick looking blue, pink & black graphic. Plus there is a large eye port and side traction plates to keep your goggles in place while riding, so your eyes will be safe too.




If you’re into the cool new carbon fiber look then we have two for you to choose from. The Vega Flyte Carbon Fiber Helmet has that awesome new design, while the Vega Flyte Carbon Fiber Pro Helmet incorporates some white striping throughout to give you a slightly different look.





So if you’re ready to hit the dirt, pick up one of these great helmets today. And if you lose, destroy or need a better fit, no worries, you can pick up a Vega Flyte Helmet Replacement Liner at a great price. Don’t forget to check out all the other off-road helmets we have to offer on our site and if you have any questions, feel free to ask, we’re happy to help.

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