Spirit Sport Saddlebags by Nelson Rigg

If you’re looking for a pair of inexpensive saddlebags for your sport or sport touring bike, then the Nelson Rigg Spirit Touring Saddlebags should be just what you need.


These durable saddlebags are built to withstand your journeys on the bike. Made of high quality Tri-Max nylon that has been UV-treated, to prevent sun damage, these motorcycle saddlebags will maintain their shape due to the protective EVA foam panels within. Identical except for the size, the Nelson Rigg SPRT-40 Spirit Sport Saddlebags measure in at 13.5″ long by 6.5″ wide by 7.5″ tall, holding 10.79 liters per bag. Both sizes are compact enough to be compatible with the side swept exhausts of many styles of sport bikes or even scooters, but the Nelson Rigg SPRT-50 Spirit Touring Saddlebags are larger and can hold 23.68 liters per side. The dimensions on the larger bags are 17″ long by 8.5″ wide by 10″ tall, so they can take you on a little longer trip, when you need the extra room.


With heat resistant under panels to protect your motorcycle gear against hot exhaust and protective pads on the inner side to keep them from damaging your bike, they will not hurt your bike. Easy to mount, with velcro straps and quick release buckles, these motorcycle saddlebags are also easy to load your stuff into, due to the large top zippered openings. To help keep you visible they have reflective piping also. Basically, these Nelson Rigg Saddlebags have all the space and durability you need in a great affordable package, so pick yours up today, before your next trip!

Sliders Kevlar Trident Gloves are Uniquely Designed

Constructed with a high quality motosport ballistic leather chassis,  Sliders Kevlar Trident Gloves look great and have solid protection.  The Trident uses genuine DuPont Kevlar in the palm for added abrasion protection and rigid armor to protect your hand in the event of an accident.  Owning a few expansion joints in the fingers helps keep these motorcycle gloves comfortable and easy to maneuver.  The unique closure of the Sliders Trident Gloves gives the rider a custom fit with a secure feel that every rider can appreciate.  The closure is constructed with a double strap that feels secure and looks nice as well.

If you have any questions about the Sliders Kevlar Trident Gloves,  drop us a line. Your comments help other riders,  and us,  to better understand a product.  Sliders produces quality motorcycle gear at affordable prices.  Check out the video review of the Sliders Kevlar Trident gloves below!

Go-Karting Helmets by Vega for the Entire Family

If someone in your family loves go kart racing, then be prepared with the line of Kart Racing Helmets from Vega.










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Sliders Kevlar Escape Leather Gloves with Kevlar

A quality leather motorcycle glove with a sweet price,  the Sliders Escape Leather Gloves are here to keep your hands protected and comfortable from a trusted brand.  What you don’t see on many gloves in the Escape’s price range is these bad boys have Genuine DuPont Kevlar in the palm for added abrasion protection.  The Escape is constructed of premium cowhide leather with a mid-length gauntlet.  Decked out with a knuckle mold and rubber molds on the fingers & thumb,  Sliders has done a great job to add some protection to an affordable glove with a quality look and feel.  For superior comfort,  these gloves have external finger stitching,   so no more discomfort from internal stitching digging into your finger tips.

Check out the video review of the Sliders Escape Gloves below!  If you have any questions about these gloves,  leave us a comment.

For Travel Storage – Tourmaster Cruiser III Saddlebags & Tool Bag

Touring, traveling, bike trips, motorcycle adventures….however you classify it, when you ride you need storage and need to be prepared. The Tourmaster Nylon Cruiser III Saddlebags & The Tourmaster Cruiser III Tool Bag can give you the space you need for all your motorcycle gear, including tools.

cruiser-III-boxAvailable in box or slant style, these motorcycle saddlebags are both made to withstand the trips you take it on. Constructed of a heavy duty, 840 denier & 1000 denier nylon, that is weather resistant, you can rest assured your motorcycle gear will be secure. With a easy mounting yoke that is adjustable and can be permanently mounted, if you prefer, they will fit under the seats of most bikes. They also have a simple zipper removable system, so that you can take the bags off quickly when you get to your destination, without having to completely detach the entire mounting system. The zippers are lockable also, so if you leave your bags on your bike, they’ll be safe.

cruiser-III-slantA removable neoprene layer protects your motorcycle from damage, reflective piping gives you extra visibility, internal supports help them keep their shape and they come with a rain cover just in case you encounter bad weather. The Tourmaster Nylon Cruiser III Box Saddlebags come in three sizes with a range of 5″ of width difference and are the classic squared off style. With slightly different dimensions, due to the slanted design, the Tourmaster Nylon Cruiser III Slant Saddlebags are also available in three sizes, so you can pick which suits your bikes personality best.



Now that you have a place for your clothes and essentials, it’s time to pack your tools for your trips. Constructed of the same tough nylon, with a hinged lid for easy access and a simple mounting system with four straps, the Tourmaster Cruiser III Tool Bag is the next logical choice. Strapped to your front forks, this durable bag will be out of the way and will help you be prepared, just in case you have a roadside emergency.

Road trips are a great time, especially if you have enough space to pack your motorcycle gear and still have room to pick up a few souvenirs along the way. And being prepared for a breakdown is always a plus, even though we hope you don’t need to use your tools! Tourmaster has a full line of motorcycle luggage, so check it all out on our site to see what best suits your bike.