Vega Sport II Racing Boots

Guys if you’re looking for a tough, cool, affordable racing boots, then check out the Vega Sport II Racing Boots. 


Constructed with a high quality leather and formed thermoplastic, the uppers are durable and supportive. With ankle protection, a formed heel cup and a molded shifter,  you’ll get protection in the areas you need it. Plus, both the toe and the shin sliders in these motorcycle boots can be replaced if you race hard in them.




To keep you comfortable, whether you’re riding or walking around all day, the Vega Sport II Racing Boots have an articulated instep with a soft padded interior.  To keep them snug around your ankles,  there are both zippers and velcro closures built in, which also makes them easy to get in and out of.


So if you are planning on doing just a little racing or you like to do a lot, check  these motorcycle boots out on our  site. If they’re not exactly your style, don’t worry, we have plenty of motorcycle racing boots to choose from, so we’re certain you can find what you are looking for.

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