The New HJC RPHA-MAX Align Helmet – A Fully Stocked Modular Helmet

If you’re in the market for a modular motorcycle helmet that is fully stocked, then the HJC RPHA-MAX Align Helmet is a great choice. This new graphic has a sleek design that sports subtle silver thin stripes within an understated black and white pattern.

rpha-max-align-sideTraditionally known to be heavy and noisy, modular helmets have kind of gotten a bad rap, but this one is the exception. Weighing in at only 3.55 lbs, it is extremely lightweight and due to the chin/neck curtain around the base of the helmet, you won’t get all that wind noise while riding. The Flip-Up Chin Bar has an easy to operate, center positioned, one touch locking system, so you can quickly open or close it with either hand. This provides a convenient way to talk to others, take a drink/smoke or get some air, without having to fully remove your helmet, which is why there has been a demand for a comfortable lightweight modular riding helmet like this one.

rpha-max-align-topWhile we’re talking about comfort, let’s take a look at the interior of the HJC RPHA-MAX Align Helmet. The COOL4EVER liner is self cooling and moisture wicking, with a gingko extract to give it added softness. Fully removable, washable and anti-bacterial, with grooves for glasses, you will stay dry, cool and comfy during all your rides. And when you add to that all the ventilation instilled in this riding helmet, you can’t go wrong. An advanced channeling system provides front to back air flow while intake/exhaust vents help to maximize the ventilation. Plus a chin bar vent offers more air flow, as well as helps to eliminate fog on your shield.

rpha-max-align-backSpeaking of fog elimination, the HJC RPHA-MAX Align Helmets come with the Pinlock® Max Vision fog resistant lens, which is easy to install on the inside of your shield. It is also optically correct and offers 95% UV protection. The outer shield is simple to snap on/off for the Pinlock installation and offers a simple RapidFire™ replacement system, if the need arises. Another fantastic feature of this motorcycle helmet is the internal drop down sun visor. On the top of the helmet is a one touch sliding tab that deploys and retracts the visor quickly and smoothly, so if the sun comes out or goes away while you’re riding, you can easily reach up and slip the visor into the proper position.

As far as the shell construction, you’re looking at an advanced premium integrated matrix, that consists of carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass and a non-woven organic fabric that makes for a very tough, strong and lightweight outer shell. DOT approved, there are three shell sizes available in the HJC RPHA-MAX Align Helmet, so you get a precise fit, as well as great protection.




Check out the reviews our customers have written for the HJC-RPHA-MAX Helmets, which also comes in Matte Black, White, Silver, Pearl White and Gloss Black, to get their road tested stamp of approval. Below you’ll find an in-depth video, showing you all the key features of this awesome modular helmet and a second video just to give you a closer look at this new Align graphic. If you have any questions about this or any of the HJC Helmets, please leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to assist you. And if you own this new helmet please leave us your review to help other customers make their helmet decision easier.



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