Honda Color Match Vega NT200 Open Face Helmets

Whether you ride a Honda motorcycle or not, the Vega NT200 Solid Open Face Helmets are an affordable option if you like full coverage but don’t want a chin bar.


Constructed of a tough fiberglass shell, which is certified to the stringent European ECE 22.05 Standard as well as the US DOT FMVSS218 standard, the Vega NT200 Solid Open Face Helmet will protect your head in case of a mishap. With three shell sizes, the interchangeable Wick Dri liner, can be inserted to give you a precise fit for your safety and comfort.






An Easy -Com liner system allows you to put your favorite headset speakers in, with no modifications, so you can listen to music or talk to your fellow riders. Available in several colors to match your Honda (Candy Red, Silver, Titanium, Pearl White, Pearl Yellow, Gloss Black, Ultra Blue Metallic) the Vega NT200 Flat Black Open Face Helmet is the other option for those of you who just prefer a subtle black finish.


The six position, clear shield is optically correct and anti scratch coated.  But if you prefer a smoke or silver mirrored shield, or you just unfortunately need to replace your clear one, the Vega Replacement Shields – NT200 Open Face Helmet are available so you can get what you need.

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